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        28 January 2012

2012 Xena Convention Update - Friday AM 27 January 2012

Hey folks,

Taking time out from the con for a quick update. We had the official start today.

First up was Sharon Delaney welcoming everyone to the convention and I have to tell you folks, there was A LOT of people there. A LOT. I haven't seen this size before at a con (I wasn't here for the 2001 con).

ImageThere are alot of con virgins which is cool to see!

First guest was the wonderful Mr Sears. Steven brought along a special guest - his gorgeous dog Julian who I have to say stole the show. By Julian being there, he achieved what few could have - it stopped Steven from pacing around the stage and creating the problem of being unable to take photos of him. Having said that, my phone camera still got a fuzzy picture of him! LOL! I did get some great photos of him and Julian but the normal camera is otherwise occupied right now so this will do until I can upload the images.

This year, Julian sat in his lap and looked absolutely cute as Steven answered questions.

We all know the con ritual that some people ask for hugs..we have it at every con even though Creation asks people not to do it. I have alot of fun counting the hug requests just becuase it's so funny (says the woman who on meeting Rob Tapert in 2005 did exactly the same my defence all I can say is that my brain decided to go for a walk and not come back for the rest of the 2005 con).

Well this year we started off with another hug request but with a difference. It wasn't for Steve (Steve does give great hugs) but for Julian! Congratulations Julian and Steve did indicate Julian would be available for hugs and adorable looks in the hotel lobby later :)

Next was Adrienne Wilkinson who was just so beautiful and was funny and very delightful. She even did the Livia yell after a couple of requests!

On closing I have to say William Shatner's production crew was out and about filming at the con as well which was fun for everyone.

Lots of fun, lots of laughter.

To Be Continued...



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