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        31 January 2012

KTL Report - Con 2012 Incoming!

Con 2012 Incoming...

Convention Report by KTL

Well, well, here we all are one more time. This time for the last ever Xena con (at least before the 2013 Xena con rolls around next January-an advertisement for which we discovered on the back page of our 2012 con schedule).

The thought of this being the last ever Xena con (at least before the 2013 Xena con rolls around next January) has brought many, many old time faces out from the historic Xenaic shadows, blinking, limping and shambling out into the bright lights of Burbank. (Ummm, the word "old" is not a judgment statement on the faces, it's just a comment on the amount of time that has lapsed since having last seen some of these faces radiating joy in a hotel lobby.)

As always, (but with a specially high edge, since we did think it was going to be the last ever Xena con), there are huge jolts of energy, enthusiasm and plain old raucous high spirits.

Everyone is commenting on seeing old friends who for whatever reason had not been attending the cons lately. For the majority of my friends, it was the collapse of the economy--the spirits were willing but the wallets were weak. But to my great joy, many of them are back in the saddle, some as always clutching the ever ribald inducing massive saddle horn of fandom for one last ride. (Unless they come to the 2013 Xena con next January.)

Anyway, we're here, we're dear, some of us are queer, most of us seem to be happy to be seeing each other yet again and many of us are, as always, marveling at how many newbies have found us and are just so giddily gleeful at the thought of joining the annual Xena family reunion.



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