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        12 January 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

Hey folks,

RightO! I'm off on my annual holiday and this time I'm trekking across the pond to the US for a few weeks to catch up with mates, attend the 2012 Final Journey Xena Convention and just have a great time!

While I'm away, Lori will be taking over and updating AUSXIP and the rest of the sites. I'm looking forward to watching the Spartacus premiere (I'll have a review/preview of the first two episodes next week).

ALL the AUSXIP staff will be at the Xena Convention so I'll pop in by live blogging the convention with news, photos and other assorted goodies; you can follow this on AUSXIP or twitter and facebook. It's going to be mega fun and mega emotional.

Spartacus is going to be HUGE and the Xena Con will be INCREDIBLE!

I'll be back on board around 8th Feb!

Battle On!




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