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        4 February 2012

Ted Raimi first guest for the Xenite-Immortal Con in France

ImageFrom the Xenite-Immortal Con:

"We have the great pleasure to announce you that the first guest of the Xenite Con, is none other than the GREAT and TALENTED: Ted Raimi aka Joxer the Mighty!

He enthusiastically accepted to come in France to meet you and, to please you, he has accepted to do autographs and photo ops! Things he hasn't done for a few years now at the Xena Official conventions. You
can be certain to approach him at the convention and share a special moment with him!

The different pass are available for purchase! You can get your pass right now and benefit from a reduction. But they are limited and once they are sold out, the real prices will be available, so the prices will increase. If we make that reduction, it's because we want everybody to get a chance to attend the convention, even those who have a very small budget.

So happy? We told you that you won’t be disappointed! And wait to discover the two other guests (and maybe more if the pass are selling well), you’ll be in seventh heaven! As promised, a convention for the Fans by Fans and only Fans can offer you an event worthy of your expectations!

You'll find all the necessary informations regarding the guests, the
ticketing, the schedule, the place, etc, on that link:

I'll be very grateful to you for talking about it on your website. Thanks."




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