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        11 March 2012

VIP Tickets for 2012 Xena Convention in France

Received the following information regarding the October 2012 Paris Xena Convention from Xenan who is organising this event: 

The  first Titan Pass  ( VIP ) has just been put up for auctions in  eBay ! The auction will last  7 days .
You are dreaming of spending magical moments with our two guests,  Ted Raimi  and  Hudson Leick ? Of being able to have a dinner with them in a chic restaurant of  Paris ? Of having various other surprises? So that pass is meant for  YOU !
With that pass you'll have:
Access to all Question/Answer sessions with the guests on stage.
Access to all conferences.
One autograph from each guest (images provided), each day of the event.
One photo op with each guest, each day of the event.
One group photo op with all the guests.
Some time backstage with the guests.
One VIP dinner in a gastronomic restaurant in Paris with the guests.
One reserved seat in the front row.
Access to the Party of the Saturday.
Prior access to autographs and photo ops.
Access to all contests and competitions.
Access to vendor's rooms.
Possibility to purchase extra autographs and photo ops (subject to availability).
And surprises during the event.
So what are you waiting for? Bid and try to win that first VIP pass which will guarantee you to enjoy the  Xenite Con'  at 100% ! It's here:

Good luck everyone!

You'll find all the necessary informations regarding the guests, the ticketing, the schedule, the place, etc, on that link:



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