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        5 June 2012

Xena Con News: French Xena Convention Hudson News

The following is from Xenan who is organising the French Xena Convention:

As we told you before, Hudson Leick will give an exclusive Yoga class at the  Xenite Con' and the tickets have just been put up for sale!
You would like to learn more about Yoga? What is better than having the  talented Hudson Leick? During 2 hours, Hudson will be here for you and will
teach you Yoga. The Yoga class will take place on Sunday, 28th of October at  8am at the "Le Passage vers les Etoiles".
Everybody can attend the Yoga class, so you don't have to get a pass to  attend it. It costs 50€ and the seats are very limited, that's why everybody
couldn't attend it. If you want to attend the Yoga class, do not wait too  long before getting you ticket.

To buy your ticket, go there:
You'll find all the necessary informations regarding the guests, the
ticketing, the schedule, the place, etc, on that link:



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