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        20 August 2012

Upcoming Starship Spring Clean Auction: Lucy Lawless Xena Costume From Heart of Darkness

Here's a sneak peek at one of the items up for auction for the upcoming Starship Spring Clean Auction starting on 01 September. It's the coat Lucy wore in the Season 6 episode 3: "Heart of Darkness". The coat was donated by Lucy Lawless especially for the Starship Spring Clean annual auction.

In addition the costume, there is also 3 scripts Not only do you get the scripts which includes notes, costume breakdowns, shooting schedule, scene breakdowns, draft scene order breakdowns, the actual script AND a ton of continuity photographs.  The script cover is autographed by Lucy and Rob PLUS handwritten note from Lucy about the item:

The scripts are: Many Happy Returns, Soul Possession and Married With Fishsticks

I will be posting pics over the coming days of these items.

THE AUCTION WILL BEGIN ON 01 SEPTEMBER 2012. You will be able to bid on this item via AUSXIP Charity Auction site. If you have registered before, you can use your username and login to bid. If you have not registered, you can go to: - 100% of the money raised goes to the Starship Foundation in New Zealand.

Heart of Darkness
Season 6 Episode 3



Also included are Lucy's boots - they are damaged at the front (please see pic)

Item will come with COA.






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