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        28 January 2013

2013 Xena Convention Lucy Lawless Convention Report by KTL

gal/Sunday/Lucy/Photos_by_Lori_Boyles/_thb_IMG_9639.jpg Con 2013 Lucy Lawless Convention Report
by KTL

Well, let’s just start with Lucy, shall we?

Lucy is always the last guest—I mean how do you top having the woman who brought Xena to life come out and say howdy to us? (Actually we did experience that one year—Lucy had to be there on Saturday rather than Sunday. And it truly was anti-climatic, at least for me. It was like, “Hey, ‘Xena’s’ already been here—how come we’re still here?”)

Every con I’ve been to I’ve noticed that when Lucy is coming up next, there is a palpable rising anticipation in the hall. People show excitement in their faces and in their posture. A lot of people suddenly arrive even though something else was on and they hadn’t come to the hall for that. There is a longer than usual line in the bathroom of people rushing to get in and out before Lucy beats them into the hall.

As the break time after the last event gets close to ending and the start time for Lucy’s time approaches, people walk into the hall fast and quick check the stage. Other people gather at the door and peek in. When they see the stage is still empty, they turn back to their friends and excitedly chat and laugh. Many of them re-gather restlessly in the hallway outside the theater, chattering and giggling with friends. Some pace along alone, absorbed in their interior thoughts and apparently just not able to stand still or come in and sit still as they wait because Lucy is coming, the woman who brought Xena the Warrior Princess to life is going to be standing on the stage in front of them any minute now. A lot of helpless, delighted grins flash out and stay goofily on people’s faces as they wait for Lucy to appear.




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