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        23 January 2013

Message From Renee About New Documentary + Xena Con

Renee posted the following on her Official Facebook page about a new documentary she is filming, addressing why she wasn't at the Xena Con with Lucy and also discussing the fake Twitter account:

Source: Official Renee O'Connor Facebook Page

Morning Friends! Thanks for the heads up about the fake Twitter account. I do not have a twitter account, and I do not know how to stop these idiots. You have to step me through it slowly, as I am truly a blonde. :) Ok, back to the real reason I am posting, I love Lucy, always will, but I could not be there again on Sunday. I am working on a documentary about Mary Rocamora who profoundly shaped who I am today, as did the lovely Lucy. So, my film on Mary is keeping me busy. There is another ebay post from me, ROCPRODUCTIONS, if you care to check it out. More soon...back to prep...

Love and Thanks. Renee

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