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        7 February 2014

2014 Xena Con Schedule Posted

Where’s What?
Theater: ACADEMY BALLROOM 1, 4-6:

Thanks for being with us! We really appreciate your visit and we want to make sure you have the absolute best time! With that in mind a few rules to keep everyone safe:

1) Photo taking from your seats only, do not rush the stage when guests appear.
2) PHOTO OPS are done on a first come/first taken basis. PLEASE be on time as they move very quickly and once over we cannot repeat. There is no special placement on the Photo Op line for any ticket holder, except Backstage VIPS who may go first or unless otherwise noted in schedule.
3) Please have your items for signature out and ready during autograph sessions. Personalizations are at the discretion of the celebrities signing and/or may be affected by guest flights and other scheduling issues. You must bring something to have signed, either something from home or a photo or souvenir from the convention.
4) Our volunteers are here to help you and we thank them for doing so. However if you have an issue with ANYONE or ANYTHING please let us know during the convention so we can solve the problem as it is happening. Speak to the tech booth and/or MC or registration.
5) Please sit ONLY in the seat you paid for.
6) At the request of our guests, ABSOLUTELY no video or audiotaping PLEASE!
7) Please turn cell phones off and kindly refrain from talking when a speaker or event is on stage.
8) PHOTO OPS may be picked up in the photo op room when available, but not during a photo op session so we don’t interrupt the photographer.
10) During autographs we generally call row by row or by number.
If you have trouble standing let us know. If you are in wheelchair or scooter please go with your row or by your number.

Stay in touch at?

THANKS TO OUR VIP BACKSTAGE FOLKS: GET YOUR CREDENTIALS AT REGISTRATION AND HANG OUT BACKSTAGE DURING THE DAYTIME, ALL 3 DAYS! ENJOY & THANKS! A schedule to meet our stars will be available there: meetings will take place in the Vine Lounge.


Friday, February 7

9 am to 11 am YOGA CLASS WITH HUDSON LEICK. Please bring a towel, water, and be in loose clothing.
Class is suitable for everyone, even beginners. Hudson Leick is a member of the California Yoga Teacher’s Association. She has been studying yoga for over sixteen years and taught for more than thirteen, and has done her teacher’s training with renowned yoga masters such as Ana Forrest, Erich Schiffman and Gurmukh. Hudson specializes in Kundalini, Hatha, and a modified version of Ashtanga yoga, and her classes are a subtle blend of these methods. She has also studied Vipassana meditation in Nepal, and the 5Rhythms® based on the teachings of Gabrielle Roth. TICKETS are available at the door of the class for $119 (cash only for entrance). IN PRODUCERS ROOM A AND B, EAST TOWER.

9 am to 12:15 pm: Vendors Room Set-Up/Vendors Only

12:00 pm to 12:45 pm Pre-Registration for Gold Weekend Patrons

12:15 pm to 6:30 pm Vendors Room Open

12:45 pm to 1:15 pm Pre-Registration for SILVER Weekend Patrons.

1:20 pm to 6:30 pm Registration Open for All Patrons

1:30 pm to 6:30 pm Xena Convention Theatre Hours

1:50 pm Music Video Open

1:55 pm Welcome from Sharon Delaney

2:00 pm Music Video Presentation

2:05 pm TSIANINA JOELSON (Varia)

2:45 pm Music Video Presentation

2:50 pm STEVEN L. SEARS (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)

3:30 pm Music Video Presentation Mix

3:35 pm XENA YES/NO TRIVIA GAME: Win valuable $100 gift certificates by knowing it all about all things Xena... be in the audience to play!

----- 3:35 pm Photo Op with Tsianina Joelson, tickets at registration for $40

4:05 pm Music Video Presentation

4:10 pm PAUL LYNCH (Director of episodes Crusader and One Against an Army)

4:55 pm Music Video Introduction

5:00 pm HUDSON LEICK (Callisto)

6:00 pm Music Video Presentation

6:10 pm On One Side of the theatre: AUTOGRAPHS with Tsianina Joelson complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend patrons called row by row and then for anyone with an autograph ticket for either or both celebrities, called by number. Autograph tickets for Tsianina are $20 and are available at registration.

6:10 pm IN THE BACK OF THE THEATRE: stop by and meet director PAUL LYNCH and get his complimentary autograph.

----- 6:30 pm Photo Op with Hudson Leick, tickets at registration for $45. Please get this done and then come back to theatre for autographs, if applicable to you. Thanks!

7:15 pm On The Other Side of the theatre: AUTOGRAPHS with Hudson Leick, called by number with pre-convention purchased tickets going first. Her autograph ticket, available at registration, is $25.

10 pm The Celebrity Cabaret: Live entertainment with HUDSON LEICK, STEVEN L. SEARS and DARIEN TAKLE. This event is complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons (keep your same great seats). For others, tickets (general admission) are $20 available at registration.

(Approximately) 11:00 pm Creation’s FREE TO ALL KARAOKE PARTY! Mix and mingle, have fun, and come to sing! Surprise guests are always a possibility! Note: seats are not reserved for this function. The DJ will be in the vendors room 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm today, please make sure to pick out your song selections at that time!


Saturday, February 8

9 am to 11am: RENEE O’CONNOR “Introduction to Awareness” WORKSHOP, SOLD OUT. In The Main Theatre, open only to those with Workshop Tickets.

9:30 am to 10 am Vendors Room Set Up, Vendors Only

10 am - 7 pm Registration and Vendors Room Open.

----- 11:05 am to 12:05 pm One Hour Meet and Greet with Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand. PARLOR 123 EAST TOWER. SOLD OUT!

11:45 am to 7 pm Theatre Open

12:15 pm: Welcome from Sharon Delaney

12:20 pm Music Video Salute

12:25 pm BRITTNEY POWELL (Brunnhilda)

1:10 pm Music Video Salute

1:15 pm THE XENA MOVIE PITCH GAME: OK, here’s your chance to pitch (in 45 seconds) your great plot! The winner of the best idea gets a $100 gift certificate.

----- 1:30 pm Photo Op with Brittney Powell, tickets at registration for $40

1:45 pm Music Video Mix

2:05 pm THE WIDOW TWANKY (illlustrious dancer and instructor) interviewed by Jennifer Ward-Lealand

2:45 pm Intermission and Stage Reset

----- 2:50 pm Photo Op with The Widow Twanky with Jennifer Ward-Lealand, tickets at registration for $60. If you have a meet and greet with Brittney you may go first.

----- 2:55 pm One Hour Private Meet and Greet for TEN lucky fans with Brittney Powell in PARLOR 123 EAST TOWER. Please check at registration on Friday or Saturday for availability


4:10 pm Music Video Presentation

4:15 pm DAVID FRANKLIN (Brutus)

4:50 pm Music Video Presentation

4:55 pm MICHAEL HURST (Iolaus) and JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND (Boadicea/Zehra)

6:00 Music Video Presentation

6:00 pm IN THE VENDORS AREA David Franklin will sign autographs for those with his autograph ticket, available at registration for $25. If you have photo ops with Michael and/or Jennifer get thosse done first and then come out and see David in The Vendors Area.

----- 6:05 pm Photo Op with Michael Hurst, tickets at registration for $40

----- 6:15 pm Photo Op with Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand and YOU! Tickets at registration for $75

----- 6:30 pm Photo Op with Jennifer Ward Lealand, tickets at registration for $40

6:40 pm The Creation Xena Costume Parade: come in your finest Xena character wear and vie for audience applause and prizes including a $250 gift certificate. Everyone who enters wins something! Contestants please be in the audience 10 minutes before costume parade time.

7:20 pm ON ONE SIDE OF THE THEATRE: Autographs with Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and Brittney Powell, complimentary for Gold and Silver Patrons (called row by row) followed by those with separate tickets (called by number with pre-convention tickets going first). Autograph tickets are available at registration for $25 for any of these three celebrities. If you have Hudson’s Dance Class you may go first.

----- 7:20 pm Photo Op with David Franklin. Tickets at registration for $40. If you have autographs or Hudson’s Dance Class you may go first for this photo op.

---- 7:45 PM HUDSON LEICK Free Form Dance Workshop, tickets at registration for $119. Two Hour workshop. If you have tickets for this get your autographs first: go to the head of the line. Tickets for the workshop are available at registration during Friday and Saturday during the day. THE VINE ROOM A. A full description of this workshop is at our website at

10:15 pm OPEN ONLY TO GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS in The ACADEMY BALLROOM Saturday Night Disco and Cocktail Party & Centerpiece Contest with celebrities, music, and fellow fans! Tentative guests MICHAEL HURST, JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND, HUDSON LEICK, DARIEN TAKLE, and BRITTNEY POWELL plus THE GREAT XENA CENTERPIECE CONTEST: bring your entry: your participation helps make the party extra special! The winner will receive a $250 Gift Certificate. Note: please take photos of guests as they enter the party, then put your cameras away so guests can mingle.


Sunday, February 9

7:30 am to 9:30 am: Sunday Celebrity Continental Breakfast exclusive to Gold Weekend Patrons with tentative guest stars HUDSON LEICK, MEIGHAN DESMOND and STEVEN L SEARS. Photos allowed as guests enter the room, then we ask you to put your cameras away so we can escort the guests to your table and they can meet everyone and chat in a relaxed manner. Don’t forget to bid at the charity silent auction! ACADEMY BALLROOM 2-3

9:00 am to 9:15 am Vendors Room Set-Up, vendors only

9:15 am to 6 pm: Theatre Opens and Registration, Vendors Room are also open

9:45 am Music Video Open

9:50 am Welcome and Video by Sharon Delaney

10:05 am DARIEN TAKLE (Cyrene)


11:40 am XENA “STUMP THE EXPERTS” TRIVIA COMPETITION: Great prizes for those who are truly masters of information on all things Xena! Be in the audience to participate!

----- 11:45 am Photo Op with Darien Takle, tickets at registration for $40

----- 12:05 pm Photo Op with Meighan Desmond, tickets at registration for $40

12:10 pm Music Video Presentations

12:25 pm TED RAIMI (Joxer). Note that Ted is not doing signatures or photo ops this convention.


2:00 pm NO MINIMUM BID AUCTION of Xena and Sci-Fi collectibles

2:50 pm Music Video Mix and Introduction

3:00 pm LUCY LAWLESS (Xena) and RENEE O’CONNOR (Gabrielle)

4:30 PM Music Video Presentation

----- 4:35 pm Photo Op with Lucy Lawless, A few tickets remain at registration for $169 .

----- 5:20 pm Photo Op with Lucy and Renee and YOU! A First! tickets at registration for $299, very limited availability.

----- 6:00 pm Photo Op with Renee O’Connor, tickets at registration for $70

6:30 pm ON ONE SIDE OF THE THEATRE: AUTOGRAPHS with Darien Takle and Meighan Desmond complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons who will all be called row by row, followed with those with autograph tickets (with pre-convention bought tickets going first). Autograph tickets for either celebrity are available at registration for $20 each.

6:50 pm ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE THEATRE: Autographs with Renee O’Connor, called by number with those who bought pre-convention going first. Tickets available at registration for $50

We’re going out in style for the 20th anniversary and we hope you’ll join us for one very last time: FEBRUARY 20-22, 2015. For all those who signed up for next year and want to try to get an even better seat. After this process is over anyone who wants to pick out their seat from what is left may do so. See promotion flyer in this booklet for more information. THANKS!

All guests and scheduling is tentative and subject to change.




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