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        28 May 2015

Xenite Retreat Update: Final Days of Deposit Option

ImageFinal days of Deposit option!

Did you know there are only four days left to take advantage of the Early Bird Deposit option? You only need a $200 deposit to secure your ticket to the Xenite Retreat!

After June 1st, if you want to get a ticket to the Xenite Retreat you must purchase the full amount of the ticket ($630) in full as the option to place down a deposit will no longer be available.

Visit to get your ticket for just $200 down!

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, the awesome Xenite Retreat mug is available for sale in the store over at so make sure you check that out... it's pretty great - especially if you are a Gabrielle fan!

If you have any questions at all, the Xenite Retreat crew is always here - you can reply to this email, hit us up on twitter (@XeniteRetreat) or over on Facebook (

See you at the retreat!

Penny Cavanaugh

Xenite Retreat Director



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