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        5 July 2015

Xena Conventions in Brazil? Is it Possible - It Sure is!

I was approached today about getting the word out about a possible Xena Convention in Brazil. I'm more than happy to pass on this great news (and coming on the heals of the Xenite Con 4 in Paris with Renee and Hudson). Time for Brazil to party (and we know they love to party) with Xena guests. So here's how this can be done (first sign the petition and then read on)

Petition can be found here


Message from Giselle:

We're part of the fandom of the show Xena: Warrior Princess, aka Xenite Fandom! We created a campaign in December 2014 called #XenaConBrasil, because we believe in the possibility of a Xena convention in Brazil!

We have a group and page on Facebook, a Youtube channel, a Twitter profile... A lot of weapons of advertising to gather fans of this show around this dream! And now we also have this Petition, that aims to gather the biggest number possible of people interested in a Xena Convention in Brazil, so that event companies notice us and realize the interest in making it true. All that we need is a company investing on Xenites to make the Convention happen!


The year of 2015 marks the last Official Xena Convention made by Creation Entertainment, it has been made since the year of 1997! That's right! From 1997 to 2015 fans get to the Convention! Unfortunetely the last one happened. The last one would be in 2012, but it extended for 3 more years due to the huge fanbase and money they make to the company.

French fans are still keeping the tradition with Conventions in Paris, that goes on for some time. But we, brazilian fans, don't have the conditions to go to Europe to be with our favorite cast, that's why we desperately need a Convention in Brazil!
Fans from neighbor countries would also come here (Argentina, Venezuela...) and it would be easier for north-american fans, since we're all orphans of USA Conventions. A lot of fans would follow the cast to Brazil, like they did times before, without a doubt!

It's worth noticing that we Xenites would do everything possible to help with voluntary work on the Convention. We've been seeing this idea be used on USA conventions and we're looking forward to do the same. If our help can be used by the #XenaConBrasil organization, for your company, please use it! We know that this would bring mutual advantages like, for example, lower price on the tickets. Xenites CAN work on this Convention, without a doubt!

Do a little research about our fandom, our campaign and our favorite show! Then you'll be sure that the Xenite Fandom is special and you won't regret investing in us!

Xenites and Xena Warrior Princess fans, sign this petition! Let's show that we're a huge fanbase and that we want a Convention with the Xena Warrior Princess cast in Brazil!

Battle on! o/



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