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        5 July 2015

Xenite Con 4 Announces Renee and Hudson To Attend Con 31 Oct-1 November 2015

The French fans are gearing up for another Xenite Con! This year they have announced (so far) Renee and Hudson.

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We are pleased to announce you not one but two invited for the xenite con ' IV! It is the beautiful reneé o ' Connor alias Gabrielle and Hudson Leick Alias Callisto in the series Xena: Warrior Princess!

They are very excited to come back again this year for this convention that they call themselves "incontournable". You can find at present on the box office their extras. This year, Hudson Leick is included in the pass but on the other hand reneé o ' Connor is an extra guest. This means that it is not included in any of the pass, except in the pass Titan (VIP). But it is possible to buy Autograph Photoshoots and with it, which are, we advise you, fairly limited and that may go very fast.

We invite all xenites to take their pass to make this possible again! We have done once, we can do it again! And do not forget, the beautiful Lucy Lawless told you in person that she would like to come back this year. We need you to make this event a success. Then go take advantage and make this possible together. Battle on!

Join us on the official group of the convention on Facebook:

You will find all the information in regard to the guests, the box office, the program, the place, etc, on this link:



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