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        10 January 2016

Xenite Retreat News: Brittney Powell Announced as Special Guest!


More great news to come from the Xenite Retreat which is scheduled for April 22-25, 2016 is that fan favourite Brittney Powell has been announced as being one of the special guests!

As many a con goer will tell you, Brittney is a lot of fun and has created some incredible memories of the Xenite Greater Good in action by auctioning off her bra. The first time I saw this happen it was just so amazing. Half the room bid against the other half of the room and it was SPECTACULAR. That bra and the other bras that were auctioned off since Brittney started the tradition has raised THOUSANDS.

Brittney is a fun guest at cons and she will be an even bigger fun at the Retreat because she will party with fans at all hours…


In addition to Brittney, the awesome Adrienne Wilkinson and Jacqueline Kim will be there and Kym Taborn & I are going to be tag teaming to talk some Xenite history with WHOOSH! and AUSXIP...

So how do you get to go to the retreat? I’m glad you asked.

Go here:

I’m going to be there and conducting a workshop or two…I must have been drunk when I agreed to this or Penny has superhuman persuasive powers.

Watch Penny Cavanaugh and Jackie Larson chat with the XMC ladies and gent about the retreat and the big announcement.



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