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        16 May 2016

MaryD's Con Review: 2016 Xenite Retreat


In April I attended the first Xenite Retreat and the following is my indepth report.

I want to start out by saying that this report was not intended to be so long but it’s worth it for the in depth look at the Xenite Retreat and whether it’s worth forking out your hard earned money.

This is an honest and forthright review. Photos were taken by me and Marilyn Edwards.

The review of the retreat covers the following sections

1. History of a Xenite Retreat
2. Price
3. Argo Express
4. Canyon Creek Camping Grounds
5. Registration
6. Cabins
7. Food / Drink
8. Cell Service / Internet / Wifi
9. Events at the Retreat
10. Xenite Retreat Staff
11. The Greater Good
12. Special Guests
13. Final Comments and Recommendation

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