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        11 June 2016

Little Xena Comic Series–Episode 4 by Lucia Nobrega

Lucia has posted the latest episode of Little Xena Comic Strip Episode 4

Image636012374952537442 You can read the comic strip in English or Portuguese


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What do you do when you love a show? Some people send letters to the actors or others write fan fiction. I'm not great in writing letters, nor creating a fan fiction story. So I decided to do what I knew best, children comics. That’s how Little Xena was born. It was my way of paying homage to Xena, Warrior Princess. As soon as the Little Xena artworks were finished, I sent them to the AUSXIP site (Australian Xena Information Page). I sent them to MaryD hoping she would post the girls on her art page. I was surprised to receive her positive response about what I had done.

It was August 1999, and at that moment Little Xena and Little Gabby began their lives in Xenaverse. A new world was revealed to me, full of pleasant surprises, friends who stayed until today and others that have left me with many memories. To celebrate the 16th anniversary of Little Xena and Little Gabrielle, a big adventure is waiting for them as a gift. Little Xena: The series!

We will be posting new adventures of these two little warriors in weekly episodes. Have fun!



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