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        20 July 2016

New Comic Book Series: "Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day."


Comic Book Resources has announced that there will be a new comic book series with Xena and Ash Williams from Army of Darkness (Evil Dead etc)

Xena, Warrior Princess is meeting the one man who can stop the undead, Ash Williams, in "Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day." This four-part miniseries published by Dynamite Entertainment will be written by Scott Lobdell ("Red Hood and the Outlaws") and illustrated by Elliot Fernandez ("Harley Quinn and Power Girl").

"Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day" #1 kicks off with Xena discovering the world's first jilted lover from the Garden of Eden. Xena will be forced to call on funny man and womanizer Ashley Williams to battle an undead army in a story that will include time travel, romance, and of course, zombies.

#1 will feature four variant covers seen below, from artists including Reilly Brown ("Deadpool & Cable,") series artist Eliot Fernandez, David Robinson, and Michael Adams, respectively.







Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher, said in a statement. "As one of the most unlikely heroes in pop culture, it makes it impossible not to love him... unless, of course, you're a battle-hardened warrior like Xena, who has a little less tolerance for such shenanigans. It's an odd couple pairing that fans of both franchises will love!""Army of Darkness / Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever… and a Day" will hit comic book stores and online retailers in October, just in time for Halloween.



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