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        26 September 2016

New Photo of Renee from Movie "A Question of Faith"

Here's a new photo of Renee - she stars as the mother in the movie "A Question of Faith"

"A Question of Faith" will be released in 2017. The IMDb page has been updated with the following information

Renee plays the role of Mary Danielson

Three families, different cultures, same community, who are all complete strangers, living vastly separate lives until a single tragic texting and driving accident puts them on converging paths of love, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

Director: Kevan Otto
Writer: Ty Manns


Renee O'Connor playing Amber's mom in @aquestionoffaith She is the sweetest person!

A photo posted by kellynelon (@kellynelon) on Sep 21, 2016 at 3:00pm PDT



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