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        26 October 2017

Looking for Australian and NZ Xena Fans For Australian Magazine Feature On How Xena Changed Your Life


If you are Aussie and or a Kiwi Xenite, this notice is for you.

I've been contacted by the Features Writer of That's Life magazine here in Australia. They would like to feature a Xena superfan (which is pretty much every fan) and in particular women who have been really touched by Xena in some way (I didn't write that, Beth, the features writer wrote that). They are looking for fans who have been inspired by the show and how that has changed their lives ie (having a Xena themed wedding, changing some major in your life etc).

It would involve a phone interview and sending some pics. The article is not a gotcha interview (if you are worried about this). You will have a chance to preview the article in full before it goes to print.
So, if you are interested, get in touch with me and I'll give Beth your details.


- You must be an Australian or New Zealand Xena fan.
- Xena must have touched your life and you have made changes because of her
- You're willing to tell your story

Okay? Awesome. If you are that fan, contact me on



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