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        7 October 2017

Lucy Lawless 20 Years Later Still Kicking Ass and the Ash Vs Evil Dead Lucy Image Galleries!

Before we get to the Kicking Ass image, I have to tell you about the AUSXIP server issues I'm having. It seem certain portions of the site/s haven't migrated properly (grrr) and I'm only finding them because I'm about to update them and they are not there (eg image galleries). This happened with the Ash vs Evil Dead gallery on the Lucy site today. PLEASE if you get an error message when you go to any section of AUSXIP, please contact me - AUSXIP is a monster site and sometimes I won't get around to finding the problem for quite some time. So if you find a problem, please report it to me.

So. I have the technology, I have rebuilt it (sorry couldn't resist...I am a bionic geek at heart and it was my first love/crush/sigh). Anyhoo...lookee the image galleries are working again!



and now the kick ass (I keep writing Kick Ash...) image I created some time ago...


Yes Indeed.

For more about Lucy's role as Ruby in Ash vs Evil Dead head on over to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Ash Vs Evil Dead subsite



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