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        24 October 2017

Featured Bard of the Week: IseQueen

I'm going to be doing a Featured Bard section on the site that will a bard's work spanning a week. This week it's Iseqween and we start off with four of her CLASSIC Xena stories. If you would like to nominate a Featured Bard (doesn't have to be on AUSXIP), please submit it here

Behind Sight
Several years after settling down in the story "Enough", Gabrielle decides revisiting her early journeys with Xena might provide more accurate directions for a new generation of heroes.

A Fly in the Ointment
Gabrielle seems to be living the life Xena dreamed for her in the previous post-series finale story “The Ghost of A Smile,” but with some problems and possibilities neither of them expected. Continues in “Suns of The Passed.”

Echoes of the Battling Bard
A wannabe storyteller interested in Gabrielle and Xena meets someone who teaches him that the line dividing dream from reality can be as tough as it is thin.

Just Be Ready
Fills the gap in this ep between the time Xena is freed from the dungeon and when she says at the palace pool, “Don’t thank me, just be ready” for Gabrielle to have her vengeance.



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