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        8 November 2017

New AUSXIP Weekly Feature - Featured Artist of The Week

ImageToday I’m announcing a new AUSXIP Xena feature. I’ve already got a Featured Bard of the Week. Now it’s the turn of artists – I’ll be showcasing an artist and their work (either here on AUSXIP or elsewhere) in the Xenaverse!

The ORIGINAL idea of AUSXIP was to showcase my art (that’s where the P in AUSXIP comes in…PAGE. It was only supposed to be ONE PAGE and then a gallery of my art. Well that was the plan. Anyhoo it would be great to showcase artwork because as an artist, I love great art. The Xenaverse has INCREDIBLE artists.

Do you want to nominate an artist and their work? Contact me!

I will announce the first featured artist tomorrow!

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