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        1 March 2018

Dynamite Xena Teen Comic #3 To Be Released: 11 April 2018

Dynamite Xena Teen Comic #3 To Be Released: 11 April 2018

Xena's search for redemption at the temple of Eleos has unexpected consequences, and Gabrielle falls victim to one of the oldest tricks in the book. This unlikely pair will be forced to rely upon each other if they are going to survive their sojourn in the city of gods... if they don't kill each other first.




Rating: Teen +
Cover A: David Finch
UPC: 725130264794 03011
Cover B: Vicente Cifuentes
UPC: 725130264794 03021
Writer: Meredith Finch
Art: Vicente Cifuentes
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: April 2018
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: 4/11/2018



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