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        1 March 2018

XIPPY Bard of the Week: Ghost In The Forest by Enjay

Ghost In the Forest by Enjay is the Featured XIPPY Bard of the Week

Lunacy's Review: This extraordinary new story marks the debut on the Web of a new talent in Xena fanfic with a very distinctive, almost lyrical writing style that makes this tale a truly different reading experience. The basic premise has Xena and Gabrielle busy doing what they do - traversing the countryside having adventures and dealing with lowlifes when a god comes into the picture forcing a connection between them that allows Xena's worse fears to become reality. With their relationship seemingly shattered, the two must then struggle to try to understand what has happened and survive. Enjay uses a shifting point of view technique which is extremely effective in revealing emotions and perceptions. It provides a window into the psyche of the characters which makes their emotional journeys thoroughly fascinating. DO NOT MISS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 14 pgs., 3/21/98



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