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        30 April 2018

The Bard's Corner - Featured Fic: Silences by Mayt

Silences by Mayt

Lunacy's Review: One of the more moving hurt/comfort stories I've read in a while, Mayt's latest is a deeply emotional tale with very well-crafted, sophisticated characterizations and a particularly strong showing for the bard. Set just after a battle the two had been fighting in, the tale begins with Xena removing her badly hurt partner from the battlefield so she can minister to Gabrielle's injuries. When the bard finally awakens days later it is to a world of silence and a Xena growing more distant by the minute. Guilt-ridden and convinced Gabrielle would be better off without her, the warrior escorts the unsuspecting bard to the Amazons where her actions will forever change the course of their relationship bringing to the surface the dormant strength within the Amazon Queen and making the stubborn warrior realize just how desperately she needs her bard. Spanning a time period of several months, this story presents a fascinating challenge to the relationship and a treatment of our heroines that is refreshingly different. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



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