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        1 May 2018

Being A Xenite by Carmela Scalzo


I came across this excellent piece of writing by Carmela Scalzo. What does it mean to be a Xenite? Are you new to the fandom? If you are, have a read and discover what the Xenaverse is about and what it means to be Xenite (a fan of Xena Warrior Princess). If you're an Amazon Elder, you already know what the Xenaverse is about but it's really nice to see it written out.

Many thanks to Carmela for the use of your work.


It’s not just about Lucy Lawless. It’s about Xena.
But it’s so much more than that.
It’s not a religion. It’s not a cult.
It might sound that way when we talk about it, but I promise you, it’s more than that.

It’s about the cosplay. The merchandise. The stuff. The swag. The fan-made music videos, art, comics, jewelry, memes. But it’s not.

It’s also about the friendships. The stories. The not taking ourselves too seriously.
It’s about the infinite and ever-morphing inside jokes, the astounding creativity, the drinking, the dancing, the fun and laughter, and parties... but not really.

It’s about providing a safe place for the displaced to find their Tribe. It’s about realizing that we are each of us alone until we find each other. It’s about discovering that that different person over there isn’t so different if only we would start with “hello, my name is ____.” It’s about taking that chance to stand by the fire, strip down, paint ourselves blue and howl at the moon. Because it’s funny, but also brave and healing and freaking awesome. It’s about creating a community that is strong, supportive and mind-blowingly loyal.
And it’s so much more than that.

Yes, at its core it’s about a TV show. It’s about the message and spirit of a TV show that preached a never-ending search for ways to serve the Greater Good. It’s about growing as a person. The struggle to conquer our fears, to improve ourselves, our lives, our relationships with each other and the world. To gather together in order bless those who NEED.


It’s about doing whatever we can to make it better.
And we found that we CAN DO THESE THINGS because WE DID THEM!
It takes courage to seek positive change. Change within and around us.
It’s about keeping up the fight for a better future for all.
It’s about taking pride in knowing that our courage will change the world.
(written April, 2016, C.C.Scalzo)



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