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        8 October 2020

AUSXIP Publishing Release of Driven by Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan!


AUSXIP Publishing has released Driven by Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan. Driven is a lesbian romance set in the world of professional women’s basketball.

eBook: AUSXIP Publishing Store

eBook and Print: Amazon

Dylan Lambert, aka the Goddess, is a legend in women’s basketball. She was forced to retire due to a career-ending injury and is now the coach of the Birmingham Badgers, a modest team she plans to take to the top of the league. She recruits Catherine Hodges, a short but extremely talented player, to be the star of her team.

Against all the odds—Dylan’s popularity and lack of privacy, the sleazy owner of the Badgers, homophobia, and the pressures of the game itself, among others, Dylan and Cat fall in love.

Can their love withstand the stresses that come their way?



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