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        11 January 2021

Xena Fanfic - From The XIPPY Archives - 11 January 2021

The Conqueror's Stone by DJWP
I wasn't a big Conqueror story kind of gal and very few conqueror stories really interested me but when DJWP wrote this absolutely fantastic piece, I was overjoyed. It's a brilliant piece It's a Xena and Conqueror story rolled into one. That is OUR present Xena and the Conqueror. Very interesting.

Creative License by Ella Quince
A bard's stories about a mighty warrior princess is spread throughout the land but there is a slight problem - the warlord Xena isn't at all like the stories! A fascinating look at what it might have been if a bard had made up stories about a hero that would change the world with her courage.



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