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        13 July 2021

Video: The Untold Truth of Xena Warrior Princess

This is a pretty cool video of what made Xena so special - Video by Looper


Originally meant to be a single-arc character on "Hercules : The Legendary Journeys", Xena proved to be even more popular than the show she spun off from. In 1995, "Xena : Warrior Princess" premiered, and the show's legacy endures even today, thanks in no small part to the memorable performance of Lucy Lawless as the title character.

Even after the show ended in 2001, and Lucy Lawless moved on to many other important roles, she's still mostly known as Xena. Today, Xena fans are still voicing their love of the show loud and clear, multiple comic series have continued the show's legacy, and even Xena-themed conventions still happen. You may already be a mega-fan, but maybe there's something you didn't know in the untold truth of "Xena: Warrior Princess".

#Fantasy #Hercules #LGBTQ

Xena almost got killed off | 0:00
Demi-goddess? | 1:21
Beating Hercules | 2:14
Marrying into the Xenaverse | 3:13
Niche roles and major stars | 3:42
Xena’s long convention history | 4:50
An LGBTQ+ icon | 5:51
Renée O'Connor does it all | 6:48
Worthy of museums | 7:56
Xena's chakram are totally real | 8:42
Xena’s war-cry | 9:42



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