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Xena ◊ Lucy Lawless ◊ Renee O'Connor

Updating Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Fans Since 1996
Created 15 December 1996 and maintained by MaryD


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31 December 2007

Camp Amazon NZ!

Camp Amazon NZThe following is from Jeanette Gibbs:

Invitation to experience Amazon life at Camp Amazon NZ.

Live the life of an Amazon Warrior Woman in this fully authentic *****5 star Amazon Village.

On actual film location for Xena Warrior Princess, Camp Amazon NZ offers this once in a lifetime experience as for 4 days and 3 nights you live and play in this authentic Amazon Village, complete with all the finishing touches:

  • Discover Lucy’s Auckland hometown and her favourite chill zones
  • Explore the playground of Xena Warrior Princess and Callisto’s Cave
  • Charge Bethells Beach in horse drawn Roman Chariots direct from the set
  • Enjoy tales during Night of Bards
  • Get energetic for the Amazon Bootcamp and Olympic showdown…
  • Or just kick back in the steam room with seaweed wraps.
  • Re-energise with a massage or two before cooling off in the natural plunge
  • Get down with new friends at the Amazon Dance Party!!
  • Enjoy hearty Amazon meals served under the starlight
  • Shop and gather in the Amazon market place
  • And with heaps more fun and adventure to be had, Camp Amazon NZ has it covered!

Click here for more information


Coffee Talk Video

Sharon has posted two pics from behind the scenes of the shooting of the Coffee Talk interview for next Official Xena Fan Club kit.

Click here to view



30 December 2007


Lucy Lawless Dinah Shore EventThe Dinah Shore Weekend folks have updated their site with a ton of pictures from the event which included Lucy singing at the All White Party on 30 March 2007. It includes pics of the party and also Lucy on stage. The pictures are scattered all over the digital album so you have to go through them but there is 63 images in two Galleries.
Gallery #1 and Gallery #2 (more pics of Lucy on stage)
Many thanks to Teresa Ortega for the news

Xenaverse Art

27 December 2007


Lucy Articles - 2007

Lucy in Concert - Roxy Update:

The following was released by Creation Entertainment:

  • With one month to go Lucy has posted a blog on her site ( about her plans for the Hollywood show. We've been to every Lucy concert so far and each tour stop has brought new surprises. This time in Hollywood it looks like Lucy is planning something totally wild and totally different. Please note that Saturday's concert is almost sold out and bus tickets from the convention hotel are gone. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON THE LUCY IN HOLLYWOOD CONCERTS

Lucy in Concert - London Update

  • We're settling on a concert venue now and will have the full info soon. We wanted to find a club with a great history and we think we've found the right one.


The following was released by Creation Entertainment:

2008 Burbank Xena Convention Update

  • Here's wonderful news: more people are signed up for this convention than last year at this time. We think that since we toured around a bit with The Xena Conventions and Lucy in Concert in 2007 some folks who visited in Chicago and New York had a great time and wanted to come to the big event in LA. We have 13 great guests this time around and a marvelous schedule of events and attractions, so the more the merrier! CHECK OUT THE DETAILS HERE PLEASE

2008 London Xena Convention Update

  • There simply is no other fandom quite like this one: THANK YOU for the OUTRAGEOUS response to the announcement that LUCY is coming to LONDON next year with a big Official Xena Convention and her fabulous music concerts. We can't wait for London to see Lucy live! We're all so excited to be bringing our fave superstar to Great Britain for the very first time ever! CLICK HERE to get all the early details and grab great seats! The convention dates are May 2 to 4, 2008, a lovely time to visit one of the greatest cities in the world. In fact 20% of folks who have signed up already are from The United States.

Articles - 2001

Xenaverse News - Karl Urban

  • - Urban: Trek Is True
    Karl Urban, who will play a young Dr. Leonard McCoy in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek movie, told TV Guide that the film will be true to the original series' spirit.
    Read more - many thanks to MET for the news

26 December 2007

Lucy Photoshoot - 2007 New York Cat Suit Photoshoot

Lucy Lawless - New York Photoshoot

Added ten high res images from the New York photoshoot (taken by our very own Lida) just before the New York concerts. Photos scanned by Roger.

Click here to view images


Lucy Movie DVD News

Please note: Buying from Amazon via AUSXIP helps with the running costs for the sites.

Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight

Lucy MovieLucy's animated feature Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight (2007) is now available to pre-order from Lucy is the voice of Goldmoon.


Click here to pre-order your copy

Justice League - The New Frontier

Lucy's other animated feature - Justice Leage - The New Frontier is also available to pre-order from Justice League will be released 26 February 2008. Lucy is the voice of Wonder Woman.

Click here to pre-order your copy

Talking Xena Xena Video Award Challenge

  • As promised, it’s back. Announcing The Official Talking Xena XWP Video Challenge #2 The “It’s All About the Love” Video Challenge. Create a XWP Love Music Video and you could receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award Prize in the Second Official Talking Xena Video Award Challenge! Read all of the exciting details at the
    Talking Xena Message Board:   
Convention DVDs

The following is from Creation Entertainment:
We're very happy to announce a brand new DVD production for fans of Lucy and Renee...The WINDY CITY CELEBRATION: Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor take Chicago by storm in their first and only Midwest appearance together. A 90 minute film, you'll love the interaction between the stars and the jam-packed sold out theatre. Shipping at the end of January 2008, order your copy today please! DVD regionless so it will play worldwide. CLICK HERE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY.

Older Lucy/Xena Articles

Lucy 1997 Articles

Lucy 1998 Articles

1998 Xena Articles



25 December 2007


Seasons Greatings from Lucia to everyone!

Little Xena and Gabrielle wish Peace To The World!

Many thanks Lucia!



From Sally - Friends Forever (Lucy and Renee) and Lucy Diva!
Many thanks Sally!






and from the Canberra Xena Gang comes this Birthday card for AUSXIP's 11th birthday! - Thanks Leila and the gang!

23 December 2007

Renee Video

Renee Promo Outtakes video has been posted on website:

  • "Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle on Xena Warrior Princess) Promo Outtakes.
    Fans that watched the live broadcast requested we post these extra few extra minutes after the show while she was shooting a network shout out for us."

    Watch the video clip here. - Many thanks to PMB for the news

Lucy Movie News

  • has more info about the upcoming February released of Justice League and scans of the box cover art of the DVD. Check it out here
    many thanks to LB for the news

NZ Auction Update

Fantastic Result from Air New Zealand Kids @ Christmas Charity Auction
More than $420,000 was raised for three childrens’ charities by this year’s Air New Zealand Kids @ Christmas Charity Auction. This is $150,000 more than was raised by the same auction last year.

Lucy's A Date with Xena went for $4,900.00

Click here to read more from the press release


The Bard's Corner


Bards In Print

Army Wives News

The following is from Katherine Fugate's official site:

  • Army Wives has been named one of the top ten shows of 2007 by People Magazine (December 31, 2007 issue)! Click here to view article


22 December 2007

I hope everyone who is going to various places for the holidays has a very safe trip.

Coffee Talk Pics

Lucy and Renee - Coffee TalkSharon has posted two pictures of Lucy and Renee during the Coffee Talk filming for the upcoming Xena Fan Club Kit.

Click here to view images.


Lucy Concert Tickets

Esther would like to sell her Roxy concert tickets:

  • 1 ticket standing room January 25

  • 1 ticket standing room January 26

They go for $59 each, same as she paid for them (the Creation postage/handling fee won't be charged).

If you would like to buy the tickets please email Esther on


Ebay Xena Goodies - Xenite Needs Help...

  • Shari has fallen on some tough times and is selling her Xena collection. Check out the first lot of Xena goodies on ebay. Click here to view


Army Wives Update

Sally Pressman (Roxy) Interview -

  • Sally Pressman is Hollywood’s newest beautiful talents. Her character , Roxy LeBlanc in Lifetime’s hit show Army Wives is very opinioned yet strives to do what’s best for the people she loves. In this interview, Sally talks about her role in Army Wives, her best kept beauty secrets, and her upcoming projects. Read more


21 December 2007

Lucy Images - Flawless Diva

Lucy News - Lucy in London for Xena Convention and Concerts 2008!

The following is from Creation Entertainment:

There is no better Holiday present for our fellow Xena fans....

It is the announcement that our favorite superstar LUCY LAWLESS is finally making her premiere convention appearance in The United Kingdom. The Official XENA CONVENTION comes to beautiful London at the upscale Hilton Metropole Hotel on May 2-4, 2008 and we're rolling out the red carpet to welcome Lucy and a cast of guest celebrities we know you'll love meeting. Click here to read more

For well over a decade American fans have treasured the memories made at The Official Xena Conventions. Xena: Warrior Princess was the show that changed television forever, but equally important, it created an international family of fans that have kept the feeling of the show alive through message boards, fan fiction and blogs, websites, charity drives and of course, conventions. We've grown to love the series stars and production people behind the show's success, and we're very pleased to be bringing The Official Xena Convention to Great Britain for the very first time.

It is a pleasure to announce that superstar Lucy Lawless, television's iconic Xena: Warrior Princess, will not only be headlining the convention but she is also bringing her acclaimed musical concert performances to a London nightclub on Saturday and Sunday nights of the convention weekend. Click here to read more

20 December 2007

Lucy Images - Flawless Diva

Here are some pics from Steven that everyone make like

Liz Friedman and Steve at the AMPTP rally today (Dec. 18



Chris Black with Xena Water!


More pics from the picket line can be seen on Steven's strike page

Xenaverse News

Time Omundson News...

  • This week's tv guide says Tim Omundson will be guest starring on Cold Case in the 1/6/08 episode - many thanks to LB for the news

Jay Spotting...
Many thanks to LB for the news

Speaking of Jay...
  • If you're an Aussie you can download Jay's new Children's Album off Itunes (only available in the Aussie ITunes Store).
Simone Lahbib Site Update

New Screencaptures from Bad Girls Season 2 - created by Christa

  • Bad Girls in South Africa (DVD)
  • Season 2 - Episode 1 - Tug of Love
  • Season 2 - Episode 6 - Losing It



18 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

Many many thanks to those who have contributed to the Xenaverse Refreshes Campaign for the WGA strikers. The writers greatly appeciat the support from the Xena fans, even writers not at the gates we are delivering goodies to, know about the effort being made.

The Xenaverse Drop-Off Elf delivered another batch of goodies today to the writers. This will be the last drop-off for a bit because of the break during the holidays - the WGA won't be picketting for a bit (from 19 December until 8 January 08). They have enough goodies until the 14th - We will deliver on the 14th again and continue supporting them until the strike is over.

The Xenaverse ROCS!


Adrienne's Charity Auction Update

"Hey all,

Whew...what a year. Ebay has given us SO MUCH trouble this year - culminating today when they deleted our entire auction and all the current bids with it!! They claim they were erring on the side of caution and deleting all charity auctions because of a few scammers out there. I admire their ideals...but we have a great cause that still needs help!

Anyway, We hope to have a strong final push in the 2-5 days as we have many lovely things left. We HOPE to have everything back up within 24 hours. The descriptions will no longer say anything about benefiting a cause..but yes, all proceeds still go to help a family in need....we just can't put that in our listing.

Three items I would like to highlight - because we have multiples.... (btw, any we have left over will also be available after the auction on the merchandise page).

-set of 4 character photo's (Adrienne in Xena, Charmed, Angel and Star Wars)

--photo packets: set of at least 15 headshots and publicity photos

--press packets Professional press kit for Adrienne Wilkinson that
contains more than 30 pieces including interviews, photo's and more.

We also have props from REFLECTIONS as well as items from CSI and Ugly Betty. We have some jewelry, house wares, scripts, photos, wardrobe and a few other items.

I would say we have about 80 items left...and we'd love to find a home for all of it. All remaining items are on short 3 day auctions, so we can ship it all this week!

Thank you for your help as we give the auction one last big push in hopes of
finding a home for everything.



17 December 2007

Renee Interview on FilmNut

Created some screencaptures from the streaming video of Renee's interview on FilmNut and also created an information page for the interview.

Click here to view Interview subsite


Lucy Site Update

  • Sharon has posted part 2 of the video featuring Lucy in the photoshoot for those disco diva look. The video is available in wmv and mov flavours. Click here to view


16 December 2007

Renee Interview on FilmNut

Here is some news that won't be a surprise to anyone (It's like revealing the Pope is Catholic). Renee's interview on FilmNut has gone to #1 in The Most Viewed This Week videos. Well yeah, of course!

Jeff from FilmNut posted the following to Talking Xena:

  • "Renee is number one on the stream for the past 7 days... She is numer 5 all time for Filmnut and on a great pace... "

Official Lucy Site Update

  • Sharon has posted that she has completed the interview with Lucy and Renee for Coffee Talk #6. This interview will be in the next Official Xena Fan Club Kit. For more info go to Lucy's Site

NZ Entertainers of the Year

  • The NZ Herald has a list of NZ local talent who made the most significant contributions to the year in NZ entertainment. Two very familiar names to the Xenaverse are mentioned (not Lucy): #5 Zoe Bell & #9 Michael Hurst - Click here to read more - Many thanks to Sue for the news

Xena Prop House

The Bard's Corner

D has sent me some fanfic which take place in other shows other than Xena.

Facts of Life

Law & Order: SVU

Stargate SG1


Ghost The Movie

I received a virtual card from Dean Teaster (Ghost Town Movie) and he asked me to share this with the fans:

From Dean Teaster to all the Xena Fans


15 December 2007

AUSXIP's 11th Birthday...

Well well well it's another year gone and AUSXIP is celebrating it's 11th Birthday! Gosh that year has flown by. Usually around this time we have a charity auction (actually since I started this new trend last year, I figured it will continue). Unfortunately this year, for various reasons, the auction will be held over until after I get back from my North American trip. Hopefully we can have it up and running some time mid February. So save those pennies :)

It's been quite a year - personally and for the site. In addition to my very loyal sidekicks, Mesh, Roger and my newest sidekick Christa, I would also like to thank the regular contributors LB, MET, Pat, Julie H, Barbara Davies, Barbie and the many others who regularly scanned pics, sent in news items, fanfic and contribrituted in various ways to this site. Thank you to all.

Many many thanks to those who have / are contributing to the Xenaverse Refreshes campaign for the WGA strikers. It's been very much appreciated by those involved. The Xenaverse has once again been active and that is always a great thing to behold.

This year also saw new subsites/sites added to AUSXIP:

AUSXIP was once again affiliated with Talking Xena and TX becoming the official AUSXIP message board. Wonderfully run by EZ Ryder and her many sidekick mods - I was very happy to join in happy matrimony once again.

The banners changed (again), the site design/s changed (again but it wasn't Mesh this time), some things were changed back, others changed forever. What's been constant is the support this site has received and I'm stoked.

 What's coming in the next year? Don't know. This site is a work in progress and so I have no clue what I'm going to be doing other than to say, it will be more of the same: keeping you updated with the latest news, articles, video and anything else that comes up.

Thanks for continuing to visit and contribute. I've said it often enough but I will say it again...AUSXIP is what it is because of the contributions of the many xenites who have helped shaped it into the site it is today.

If you are new visitor to AUSXIP and want to know why this behemoth of a site was born, check out the AUSXIP History page (if I repeated it again I think I would bore everyone to tears so go and read the history page).

This was going to be a short note and not an epic...Thank you muchly!

Roll on Year 12.



14 December 2007

Renee Interview at FilmNut

 Filmnut - Renee O'Connor

Renee gave a great interview yesterday and the video clip (57 minutes) can now be seen online for those that missed the live version.

Watch This Episode on
*Many thanks to Jeff at Filmnut for the news*

Kevin Smith's Ares Costume

Received the following from Barbie / Xena Prop House

New Lucy Blog

  • Lucy has posted a new blog on her site about her upcoming Roxy concerts - it's gonna be different from the previous concerts! Check it out


13 December 2007

  • Rob has been very generous with his time by answering over 80 questions about Xena, his upcoming projects and some details of what may be coming up for Lucy.
    Check it out now on Talking Xena
  • More home made cookies were delivered by the Drop-Off Elf!
  • Added more thanks from the actors and production staff of Army Wives! Check it out

12 December 2007

Lunch with Lucy - Air New Zealand Charity Auction

New Zealanders have the chance to make a difference to the lives of some of our nation's most special children next month when the second annual Kids At Christmas Charity Auction kicks off.
The auction, run in association with, allows New Zealanders to bid on money-can't-buy experiences, with the proceeds going to Starship, Make A Wish Foundation and Starjam. More than $270,000 was raised for the three charities last year

Lunch with Lucy Auction item

Your chance to hear all the gossip in Hollywood. You and a friend fly from NZ to Los Angeles to have lunch with New Zealand’s highest profile actress Lucy Lawless at one of her favourite L.A. restaurants. World famous for her role as Xena, Lucy has played many other roles over the past few years so will have loads of stories to share. She is a Board member and keen supporter of the Starship Foundation.

This item includes return economy airfares on Air New Zealand from any domestic airport in New Zealand to Los Angeles for two people plus two nights accommodation on twin share basis.

Read more

Renee Interview Reminder

As mentioned previously, Renee will be interviewed by FilmNut on 12 December 2007.

Renee will be a guest of the live internet show FILMNUT on Wednesday December 12th at 8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern. You can instant message in questions live during the show. You can watch it here

2008 Burbank Convention Update

New guest announced...

Adrienne Wilkinson (Eve/Livia) has been added to the guest list for the upcoming Burbank Convention. This will be the first convention where Xena's children (David Taylor / Solan) have been together at the same place. Quite a family affair.

Adrienne will join Lucy, Renee, Ted Raimi, RJ Stewart, Liz Friedman, Steven Sears, Katherine Fugate, Brittney Powell, David Taylor, Daniel Sing, Zoe Bell and Tsianina Joelson.

For ticket info go to

Lucy Music News

You can now view the trailer of the upcoming Lucy in Chicago DVD. It's available in both wmv and mov formats. Check it out on Lucy's site

Lucy Concert Update

Creation has sent the following message this morning about Lucy's upcoming Roxy concerts

We can't wait to see LUCY back on stage with a musical concert show and the best part is that there is just about six weeks to go till we get our wish! Lucy returns to the world famous ROXY THEATRE in Hollywood (the site of her concert debut in 2007) and we'll be joining the packed house to raise the roof for a lady we love! The dates are JANUARY 25 and 26, 2008 at 8pm (doors open at 7pm). Both nights are about 80% filled at this time and we expect to reach max capacity in advance of show dates. Make your plans to be with us.

AND thanks to all for making the first ROXY concert DVD a sell-out too! While that epic performance is not available on DVD we do have DVD copies of the NYC and CHICAGO concerts available at our Lucy Concert Retail On-Line Shop as well as CDs of the Hollywood Show.

Fri. & Sat. January 25 & 26, 2008
The Roxy Theatre
9009 West Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California
Doors open 7pm Showtime 8pm

for tickets and more info go to

Official Xena Fan Club News

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page

Coffee Talk 6 is scheduled to take place this week at Lucy's house! Will bring back some pics.

WGA Strike News has a new Interview with Joss Whedon about Friends & Fans on the Picket Line We talk to the Buffy/Angel creator, Summer Glau and Eliza Dushku about the strike.
Many thanks to LB for the news



10 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

Jeff from Filmnut posted on Talking Xena that he conducted an interview with WGA negotiator Mark Gunn and our efforts in helping and supporting the writers was mentioned:

Click here to read Jeff's note on Talking Xena | Here's the link to the 55 minute interview. - Many thanks to PMB for the news

Not so good news on the negotation front.

  • Yahoo News 8 December 2007 Hollywood writers strike hits 5th week
    LOS ANGELES - A few days ago, hopes were high that a deal to end a costly five-week strike by thousands of Hollywood writers was imminent. But optimism that writers and producers would soon sign a new pact all but crumbled Friday, as talks broke down and the sides blamed each other for the stalled negotiations that have sidelined many prime-time and late-night TV shows. Read more

Simone Lahbib Updates

Screencaptures - Young Persons Guide To Being a Rock Star

  • Added screencaptures for Episode 1
  • Added screencaptures for Episode 2
  • Added screencaptures for Episode 3


08 December 2007

It seem there was a problem with the images of Kevin's Ares costume. The images couldn't be displayed in IE but worked fine with firefox. The problem has now been fixed. Click here to view

Convention Reports

Renee Updates

Upcoming Renee Event:

  • Renee will be a guest of the live internet show FILMNUT on Wednesday December 12th at 8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern. You can instant message in questions live during the show. You can watch it here:
    Many thanks to Jeff for the news (posted on Talking Xena)

Upcoming Renee Movies on DVD

Alien Apocalypse - the movie with Renee, Bruce Campbell and giant termites taking over the world is now available to pre-order from Amazon. What's interesting is that Renee is not on the DVD cover! Weird - much like this movie....The cover is a ripoff (or is that homage?) to Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell. Good grief. Bah humbug. - Many thanks to Chris for the news

Lucy Updates

TV Sexiest's Stars

The following is from NZ Herald - 7 December 2007

  • Pamela Anderson has been named TV's Sexiest Woman Ever.
    The former Baywatch star beat a host of other stunning actresses to take the prestigious accolade, in the list compiled by internet service provider AOL.
    Lucy is listed at #37! Click here to read the article
    Many thanks to Jo for the news

Photoshoots - 1996

The Bard's Corner


  • One Woman Too Much (Complete/Alt) by Iseqween
    In her eagerness to tackle the trouble Xena hinted at a few days earlier, when they began traveling together after SINS OF THE PAST, Gabrielle reminds them why they needn’t look far beyond each other to find it.


07 December 2007

Xena Images - Xena Photo Club

  • Added scans of the October 2007 Xena Photo Club set - it's the pics from one of my favourite episodes "Tale of Two Muses" - the sheer joy of watching Xena and Gabrielle dance made this episode for me and Gabrielle's incessant desire to tap her toes, move her body and just dance made me smile.
    Images scanned by Roger.

The Bard's Corner

Conqueror Fiction

  • Added My Lord - Athens (Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Novel - 164 pages | Finished | Dec-07) by Mayt
    Following the events of THE MEDALLION, against Xena's wishes, Gabrielle travels to Athens on a diplomatic mission.  Gabrielle is soon faced with her most profound decision as Queen.  As a consequences of her choice she suffers a series of sorrows.  In turn, the events of Athens force Xena to defend her honor in the face of an intimate accuser.


Kevin Smith's Ares Costume for Auction

I posted the following back in October from Barbie (Xena Prop House) and since we are fast approaching the 2008 Burbank Convention, it was best to repost the note with pictures of Kevin's costume:


Click here to view the scans of the full costume

We all fondly remember Kevin Smith, a talented and much loved actor on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Young Hercules. His friends and fans all over the world have never forgotten him.

On the contrary, since his tragic passing, money has been donated or raised over the years for the Kevin Smith Trust for his three sons. However, his wife Sue would like to mark his 45th birthday next year in a special way by erecting a wonderful memorial stone. 

To facilitate this, Lucy Lawless has agreed to auction off Kevin's complete costume, worn on many late episodes of Xena and Hercules, at the Creation XenaCon in Burbank, California. This Con runs from January 25-27, 2008.  (See ).  

Kevin's spectacular leather costume will be provided by Sue Smith with her signed letter of authenticity.  This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the finest Hercules/Xena series costumes ever and it will go to a special cause to further honour Kevin's memory for many years to come.  More information will follow but please do NOT contact Creation about the costume.  They currently have no additional information.  So stay tuned.

Click here to view the scans of the full costume

WGA Strike Update / Thanks from Writers

Added notes of thanks from:

  • Jeff Vlaming (Xena Writer - Jeff wrote a Season 4 (Takes One To Know One) and Season 5 (Purity)
  • Rodney Vance - strike captain at the Riverside Drive gate of the Disney Studios




06 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

I received quite a few emails from the various writers who are getting refreshed by the Xenaverse...go and check out the WGA strike page to find out what they have to say to all of you!

Added notes of thanks from:

  • Kay Foster and Adam Armus (you all remember Kay and Adam who wrote some of the best Xena episodes) They are now writing for Heroes!
  • Nancylee Myatt
  • Larry Moskowitz
  • Alan Cross

For Army Wives, Katherine and Drew Fuller fans the following news is pretty special - it's from Katherine's site

Hey Charmed and Army Wives Fans!

UPDATE! it has been suggested to me that i throw my name into this Pencils2Moguls challenge, so --- instead of my own challenge, i will join BOTH Kim and Drew's challenges and the winner of those challenges will also get a call from me, and anything signed you want!

Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc) has joined the Pencils2Moguls campaign and will also give a lucky winner a personal phone call and an autographed photo.  So when you buy your pencils to support writers, be sure to indicate if it's Drew or Kim's challenge you're responding to!   Spread the word!

2008 Burbank Xena Convention Update

Renee will be available for photo ops in January (yeay!) - the following was released by Creation Entertainment yesterday:

    We always love Renee's photo ops at the Burbank Convention because Renee comes through with something extra special each year! Today, we've put up for sale Renee and other celebrity photo ops, as well as autograph tickets for those stars that are signing in person at the convention. CLICK HERE to grab your tix and get the latest info on the Burbank Official XENA Convention, coming January 25-27, 2008!

Lucy News

The following was posted by Sharon to Lucy's Official List

  • Lucy's Chicago concert DVD is on sale over on the Creation site -- with free shipping through December 12! Couldn't resist showing you the menus for the DVD created by our editor Warner Young using photos taken by Chris Schmelke and Lida Verner. And I had a great time working on the bonus footage. Especially the first day of rehearsal with just Lucy, Joe LoDuca, Jason and the backup singers. So intimate, so mellow, so smooth, so uninhibited. It's a great peek behind the scenes.
    See the menus on Lucy's home page
    Order the dvd at Creation Entertainment

Xena show/Lucy mention in writer's interview

  • FastForward Radio
    This week Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon had a chance to visit with PJ Manney. PJ has written for television - Xena and Hercules - and she's a novelist.
    PJ is also a very active futurist. She's on the board of directors for the World Transhumanist Association, she's a senior associate at the Foresight Nanotech Institute, and she is on the scientific advisory board for the Lifeboat Foundation.
    Lastly, we got a great story about PJ's Xena episode, "Is There a Doctor in the House?" PJ was too modest to mention it, but this episode is both a fan favorite and the favorite episode of Lucy Lawless.
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


04 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

The following is from Katherine (and posted on Talking Xena)

hey all and sundry --

yet ANOTHER generous drop came to the disney gate today from the xenaverse. have tell you - it's so humbling and inspiring. the mostly male WGA writers always walk up to me with shock on their faces when i arrive, saying, "they did it AGAIN!" and i smile, realizing, then say, "you don't know the power of the xenaverse."

your gift was especially appreciated today as i'm sure many of you have read, the AMPTP's "groundbreaking" deal was anything but. the lowball offer -($250 flat fee residual after 6 weeks FREE downloading for an 1 hour show and ZERO for feature films) has only served to unite us even more in our fight to receive a fair deal from the major corporations.

if you have any questions about the strike - please visit my website or

and thank you again for understanding and supporting writers! (and also actors, because SAG will be next and we're hoping that with union solidarity and by bargaining first, we can assure them a fair deal equal to ours.)


Lucy Lawless News

Lucy Ebay Auctions Update

Lucy's chaps and pink go-go outfit have been sold (see message below about the auction)

  • Lucy's chaps when for $1,200
  • Lucy's pink go-go outfit when for $1,376

Congratulations to the winners!

Flawless Diva Update

Lucy has recorded another song with OMC (her first was 4 All Of Us). has a brief blurb about the next recording:

  • Orpheus Entertainment are about to release the next single for OMC, Please, featuring rapper Boy C (3 the Hard Way) and Lucy Lawless. Read more


Xena Updates

2008 Burbank Xena Convention Update

The following is from Creation Entertainment

The Official Xena Convention comes to Burbank, California on January 25 to 27, 2008 and we're all looking forward to an amazing weekend of fun as the tradition continues. Today we are happy to announce two new guests for the convention:

  • RJ Stewart: Executive producer on Xena and Cleopatra 2525.
  • Liz Friedman: Co-executive producer on Xena, now a producer on House. She also wrote for Hack, Law & Order: SVU, The O.C., and Numb3rs.

Bard's In Print

  • Updated the section with news about Mickey's new book Rolling Thunder


03 December 2007

WGA Strike Update

  • Many thanks to those who have donated for the AUSXIP Xenaverse WGA Strike Support donations. Another shipment of water, gatorade, tea, sunscreen lotions, crystal light flavouring and one box of energy boost will be delivered to the striking writers tomorrow.

Lucy Pics

The Bard's Corner

Bard's In Print

The following is from Anne Azel:

  • I'm pleased to announce that PD Publishing  now has my well known Aliki Pateas Murder Mystery Series in print. 


  • Added Pearls (Complete) by Anne Azel


So where is Xena?

  • has updated it's list of the 100 Best TV Shows of all time and Xena is not listed...that is one odd list - many thanks to MET for the news

Simone Lahbib Site Updates

TV Shows Screencaptures - Monarch of the Glen

  • Added Season 6 - Episode 1 Screencaptures
  • Added Season 6 - Episode 2 Screencaptures
  • Added Season 6 - Episode 3 Screencaptures


02 December 2007

Lucy Auction - 2 Day Auction

Lucy has donated her chaps and her pink go-go outfit to the The B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California (IYASC). Both items are now on ebay and you also get two autographed pics of Lucy wearing the two outfits.

The B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California (IYASC) a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to the study, teaching and dissemination of the teachings of Yoga according to B.K.S. Iyengar. IYASC, owns and operates the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles.

Back in July 2007 Lucy mentioned that the Association was losing their lease in their LA location and they were going to fundraise to be able to move to a new location.

Part of Lucy's blog post on 20 July 2007:
I have gotten word that the Iyengar Institute is losing its lease at their LA location and they are madly fundraising to get a new home.  B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the greatest teachers of yoga living today (and some would say ever!).  Iyengar yoga has been my salvation after years of poor posture and a fractured pelvis that I feel could not have been fully rehabilitated without Mr. Iyengar's teachings.  I am going to put up a couple of my costumes for a silent auction.  What do you think if I auction off my chaps and my silver space suit?

Ebay Auction for the Chaps | Ebay Auction for the Pink Go-Go Outifit

Official Lucy T-Shirt Sale

  • Lucy T-Shirts are now on sale for $15 at Lucy's site. This offer is open until 30 December. For more info go to Lucy's site

Upcoming Lucy UK TV Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the news

  • Battlestar Galactica -  Razor - it was originally due to be shown on December 5th but has now been rescheduled:-
    First showing: 18th December - Sky One - 21.00-23.00
    Repeated on 20th December on Sky Two - 21.00-23.00
    and again on Sky One on 22nd December - 21.00-23.00
  • Hercules & the Amazon Women is being shown on the Sci-Fi channel on the following dates:-
    Jan.6th - 17.30-19.20
    Jan.7th - 14.00-16.00
    Jan.11th - 01.10-03.00
    Jan.16th - 00.40-02.30

Upcoming Renee UK TV Alerts
Many thanks to Jan for the news

  • Hercules & the Lost Kingdom is on the Sci-Fi channel as well:-
    Jan.13th - 16.50-18.30
    Jan.14th - 14.00-16.00

Xena UK TV Update

  • Xena is still being shown every week day on Bravo 2 (08.00-9.00 & 18.00-19.00)



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