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MARCH 2008

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20 March 2008


Battlestar Galactica - David Letterman Show

Lucy appeared with the rest of the cast of Battlestar Galactica to read the Top 10 Reasons to Watch the New Season of 'Battlestar Galactica' - Added the following multimedia - created by Roger

  • Screencaptures from the segment
  • Video Clip of Lucy's segment only
  • Top 10 Transcript

Click here to view and download


Renee Events - Over The Ledge Premiere 18 March 2008
News contributed by Anon.

  • Renee attended the premiere of "Over The Ledge" WESTWOOD, CA - MARCH 18: Actresses Renee O'Connor (L) and Brooke Anderson attend the premiere of 'Off The Ledge' at the Westwood Crest Theatre on March 18, 2008 in Westwood, California. Getty Images has five images from this event


Talking Xena News
News contributed by EZRider

London Meetup for TX Members

  • I'm very happy to announce the plans for the 7th annual official Talking Xena Meet up!  The time and date will be 10am till 11:30, on Friday, May 2nd. The place will be at the convention hotel, the Hilton Metropole, in the hotel lobby. The Meet up will be hosted by Jackie <Xena2002>, with twinkletoes as co-host. They will be giving out name tags for those who want them, and some TX goodies like TX pens and magnets... Read more

The Bard's Corner - Uber

It is truly a blast from the glory days of Xena Fan Fiction when I opened an email from a long lost but SUPERB writer, Jules Mills. Jules wrote a series of stories "The Nano Series"  It was and is considered one of the best Uber series in this fandom. Jules is back with #7 in the series. Find a comfortable place to sit down, grab something to drink and munch and enjoy.

Michael Hurst and Kevin Sorbo at Creation Con
News contributed by Barbie

  • It's been a very long time since Michael Hurst and Kevin Sorbo appeared together onstage anywhere-way back at Pasadena. Michael has just agreed to appear at Creation's Grand Slam Con April 11-13 in Burbank. He and Kevin will be on stage separately and then together on Saturday and are signing autographs and appearing at the Friday night party. Big mix of people appearing too, like Leonard Nimoy, Young Spock Zachary Quinto, Nichelle Nichols, Roxanne Dawson, Brent Spiner, James Marsters(Spike from Buffy) and others. Michael has confirmed he'll be there so you can check the site or



19 March 2008


Added a Marissa Support Page where news, links and other assorted things will be posted - Nora sent me the following news from an entertainment site...they obviously don't know what what we know...we've adopted Marissa so she has the Xenaverse behind her...

Early Exit Predictions
Marissa Jaret Winokur
"She's cute and bubbly, but Winokur has one big problem; the dreaded lack of fan base.  No doubt she has the endurance for the competition as a Tony Award-winning Broadway sweetheart, but she has to appeal to TV viewers early on to stick around.  That will be hard to do."

You can find Marissa's Blog on the show (and pictures including some of Lucy) here


High Resolution Images

  • Added some high resolution images of Lucy (and Daisy was present last night and has gone blonde...heavens she looks more and more like her mum each passing day...) taken by an ABC photographer. Images sent in by AUSXIP sidekick LB.

Lucy Screencaptures - Dancing With The Stars

Lucy Pictures - David Letterman Show

Dancing With The Stars...

Wow! You know there is something quite heart warming about Marissa...she puts EVERYTHING into it and it's just amazing to watch. Gotta love that. She sense of fun is so infectious that you can't help but smile and get swept along. What a shame she doesn't have a huge vocal wait, she does.. US! The Xenaverse has adopted her so she's one of ours. Go Marissa!

The video of her dancing is now online


Xena Prop House - Newsletter #22


18 March 2008


New Lucy Articles - 2008

New Lucy Images - 2008

Lucy attends the "Late Show With David Letterman" taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater March 17, 2008 in New York City.

Added four images from Wire Image

Photos can also be found at:

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless 40th Birthday Auction

In addition to the goodies coming up in the auction, there is something very special that has just landed in my inbox from Steven Sears. For those who attended the Xena Day March and the Bard's Banquet, you all signed the book that Steven had for everyone. In addition to all the fans, the actors, writers and crew from XWP also signed this book. Check out the list of signatures:

There are 26 pages or autographs, most of them autographed on both sides. Among the notables are:

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Rob Tapert
Liz Friedman
Gene O'Neill
Vicki Pratt
Katherine Fugate
TJ Scott
Tim Omundson
Carl Ellsworth
RJ Stewart
Robert Trebor
Paul Coyle
Jeff Vlaming
Chris Black
Gillian Horvath
Ted Raimi
David Taylor
Steven Sears
Melissa Good

Scans of the autographs will be posted with the auction item when it goes live on 21 March.

Proceeds from this sale will go to The Industry Support Fund.

" The Industry Support Fund, founded by the Writer's Guild Foundation to
provide financial relief to non-WGA industry members impacted by the
strike, has raised over a quarter million dollars, and has already given
away more than half of what they've raised. The fund anticipates
continuing to donate $40,000 - $45,000 a month over the next several
months as industry members find their feet financially."

" The Writers Guild Foundation has established an Industry Support Fund
to assist members of the industry who are in financial distress as a
direct result of the Writers Guild of America strike against the AMPTP,
which began on November 5, 2007. This Fund is designed to provide
emergency assistance for food, housing, transport, medical and other


17 March 2008


Premieres & Events

Renee attended a party for the new show "Dance War: Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann" at Les Deux Hollywood, California - 7 January 2008

Click here to view medium res pics of Renee at the event

News contributed by Becky

New Articles


Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors L.A. Ticket Giveaway has three (3) pairs of general admission tickets that will get you in for a day and we're giving them away. If you live in or around the Los Angeles area and would like to vie for a pair of tix, simply e-mail your FULL NAME and ADDRESS to  with the title "Weekend of Horrors" in the subject header.
Three winners will be selected at random. Good luck!

Wizards First Rule Gets A Green Light...

Raimi's Wizard Gets Green Light
Sam Raimi's syndicated original fantasy TV series Wizard's First Rule is set to debut in all of the top 50 markets in the United States, Variety reported. The ABC/Disney show, based on the Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind, has received a green light for 22 episodes and will begin production in May. The weekly hour-long series follows Richard Cypher, a young man who makes his living leading people through dangerous forests, as he investigates the murder of his father and finds himself opposing Darken Rahl, the son of an evil wizard. Goodkind's popular novels, first published in the mid-'90s, span 11 volumes so far. Wizard's First Rule will be shot in high-definition video. Source:


16 March 2008

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless 40th Birthday Auction

In honour of Lucy's 40th birthday (29 March 2008), AUSXIP is planning a charity auction to benefit the following charities:

1. Starship Children's Health (Lucy items)
2. The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (Renee Items)
3. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (Cat Crimins donated items)
4. The Desi Geestman Foundation (Brittney Powell items)

Please read the 2008 Auction FAQ for more information on how to participate in this auction.

The auction will be held between 21-30 March 2008 and located here

If you have not registered to bid - you can do so here
If you have any questions please email me at

Happy Bidding!



Angela has come up with a perfect Top 10 List for David Letterman. Here is the list contributed by Angela...I like it!

Top 10 Reasons why the D'Anna Biers Character will be coming back to BattleStar Galactica!

10) Because Lucy Lawless fans will boost the shows already good ratings.
  9) To give the humans another Cylon to drool over.
  8) Because she was unjustly boxed last season.
  7) Because she plays evil & authority figures so well.
  6) She looks great in tight clothing.
  5) Her character has not found her green-eyed soul mate yet.
  4) Because there are a lot of Lucy Lawless fans who would open a huge can of whoop-ass if she were permanently boxed!
  3) Because there is No Xena Movie in Sight!
  2) Because we want more Cylon Threesomes!
  1) Because Lucy Lawless is SO HOT!!!!!!

Article Scans/Transcripts - 2002
Scanned by Roger

Article Scans/Transcripts - 2001



The call has gone out for Xenites to support Marissa in Dancing With The Stars...we know the drill, right? AUSXIP is joining in the Support Marissa on Dancing With the Stars...I don't watch reality tv (Celebrity Duets was my first and only reality tv show) and I don't give blanket support to someone just because they are a friend of Lucy's...BUT this time I will. Having met Marissa on my last trip, I was very impressed and she is one hell of a talented woman.. So based on that and not because she's Lucy's friend...I'm breaking my 'no reality TV' rule and posting info about Marissa's progress here.

ABC's Dancing With the Stars Bio Page
Dancing With the Stars Official Site

15 March 2008

You may have noticed the new banner up top...that's KT's excellent work! If you refresh the page, you will get a different version of the banner (there are 4 banners at the moment).


Justice League DVD Giveaway

  • Justice League: The New Frontier (official site) is now available to own on DVD (also 2-Disc DVD) and Blu-ray Hi-Def (Release Date: 2/26/2008, HD DVD: 3/18/2008) and Your Entertainment Now has some free copies of the DVD up for grabs! Click here for more details

Article Scans/Transcripts - 1999



Episode Stills - Season 1

Photo Club Images

  • Added scans from the December 2007 photo club - the episode stills are from the Season 5 episode Animal Attraction. Scanned by Roger.



Season 1 DVD News

  • From the Producers of "Grey's Anatomy" Comes the Critically Hailed Hit Series Starring Kim Delaney, Catherine Bell, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh and Brian McNamara ARMY WIVES  THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON  On DVD June 10, 2008.. Click here to read press release

New Video


14 March 2008


Renee on Criminal Minds

The date for the episode is April 9, 2008 and it's episode 15 A Higher Power

  • Added the episode log to the Renee subsite for Criminal Minds and if you are keeping spoiler free...(although it's only an episode log) don't follow the link
    Renee's role is: Pam Baleman.

13 March 2008


Magazine Articles - NEXT Magazine April 2008 Issue (New Zealand)

This article will be scanned and posted shortly (as soon as it arrives from NZ to Oz in the next few days)

  • Lucy is featured in a four page article / interview in NEXT Magazine in New Zealand.
    There is a very interesting quote from Lucy at the end of the article which says:
    "I want to die having either spent everything or given it away".
  • It's a hefty magazine (if you are thinking of postage) from NZ to the US and elsewhere. If you wish to purchase this magazine, please visit and order NEXT Magazine - APRIL 2008 Issue (that's the magazine currently in stock and is available until early April) Click here to order your copy

Battlestar Galactica

  • The David Letterman Show with a possible Lucy appearance is set for 19 March 2008 - there is a message from James Callis on the James Callis Message Board about the appearance. Lucy is NOT confirmed as yet. IF she can get the time off from Bedtime Stories, she will be on the show. - News contributed by LB
  • There is a BSG 8 minute recap on the SciFi site (only available to US visitors)
    News contributed by Lida

Lucy Music Update

  • The Official Xena Fan Club Page has added two postcards that are going to litter London streets (not really but it would be interesting) about the upcoming Xena convention and Lucy's concerts. Click here to view the postcards


Katherine Fugate News

  • Katherine's site has been redesigned and is looking quite spiffy. Check it out at
  • Katherine was interviewed on Filmnut - the same crew that did that hour long interview with Renee. The interview will be on their site sometime today or tomorrow.

NBC/Universal Launches Hulu... Good News for Xena Fans?, a joint venture between News Corp. and NBC Universal, plans to open its online library of ad-supported tv shows and movies to the public on Wednesday, the company announced.
Users of the free service will be able to view more than 250 full-length episodes from shows such as "The Simpsons," as well as some 100 movies.  Partial clips of other episodes can also be searched for and accessed through the site.
Xena fans will be interested to note that full length episodes as well as clips are available from several shows produced by Rob Tapert or starring various Xena alumni.  Titles include: American Gothic (Rob Tapert), Battlestar Galactica (Lucy clip), Cleopatra 2525 (G. Torres, V. Pratt, & J. Sky), Firefly (Gina Torres), Jack of All Trades (Bruce Campbell), Roswell (Shiri Appleby), Saturday Night Live (Lucy clip), and Young Hercules (Kevin Smith).  Future offerings may include The Rockford Files (Renee), and The Simpsons (Lucy). Check it out here:
Requires Microsoft XP or Vista, and Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or above.
Adapted from Source - News contributed by Julie


11 March 2008


Battlestar Galactica Video Q&A

  • Sci Fi Channel - Q&A with Cast
    The official Battlestar Galactica forum is taking questions from fans for Lucy Lawless, Edward James Olmos and (*glee*) Michael Hogan. The forum says the Q&A will be taped early next week, so get those questions in soon.
    Videotaped responses will be posted to the show's official site over the coming weeks.  Lucy's forum topic is here - News contributed by Barbara Davies

Bro'Town Show Review

  • Arts Festival Review: Bro’Town Live on Stage Thursday, 6 March 2008, 10:59 am
    Opinion: Robbie Ellis. ...That said, it was greatly enjoyable to see Bret & Jemaine jamming with another figure on bro’Town’s roll-call of Kiwi legends, Neil Finn. Chris Knox and Lucy Lawless also made appearances, paralleling their past animated cameos on the series, and Auntie Helen recounted the story of how Prince Charles made a cameo in her voice-only contribution. - News contributed by Barbara Davies

10 March 2008


Lucy Article (in French) 29 February 2008

Brief article about Lucy on a French site. The article talks about Lucy's role on Xena and what she has done since then. The article is in French - click here to see the original article and the Yahoo Translated page is located here
News contributed by Amandine

Lucy Premieres & Events - 2001 Images

Added four high resolution images of Lucy from The 27th Annual Saturn Awards June 12, 2001 - The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror's annual gala to award the prestigious Saturn Award to the best and the brightest the genre has to offer in both film and television. The 27th Annual Saturn Awards with a tribute to founder Dr. Donald A. Reed who passed away on March 18, 2001. Lucy was one of the presenters.


Xena Season 6 Episode Stills

Added high resolution scan from the Season 6 episode Many Happy Returns -

click here to view

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Ties That Bind (Complete) by Iseqween
    At the conclusion of Season One’s TIES THAT BIND, Xena and Gabrielle ponder personal questions left over from their previous encounter with Ares in THE RECKONING.



Early Renee Footage - 1989!


This is beyond cute :) Renee is an adorable 18 year old in this corporate film Renee did for Randall's Warehouse--a supermarket chain in Houston, TX.   This dates back to August of 1989.
It's a series of four clips...check them out on YouTube
News contributed by Twink



March 10: EVIL DEAD producer Rob Tapert at LA Fango con

Ghost House Pictures chief Rob (EVIL DEAD) Tapert has joined the lineup of FANGORIA’s gargantuan West Coast Weekend of Horrors, to be held April 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa). Besides steering the three classic EVIL DEAD movies, Tapert runs Ghost House with longtime buddy Sam Raimi. Their productions have included 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, THE GRUDGE, BOOGEYMAN, RISE: BLOOD HUNTER and THE MESSENGERS; Tapert has also produced the features THE GIFT, DARKMAN and TIMECOP, as well as the hit TV series HERCULES and XENA. He next reteams with Raimi on the latter’s directorial horror return DRAG ME TO HELL. Tapert will preview that film, as well as upcoming Ghost House sequels THE GRUDGE 3 and BOOGEYMAN 3, at the WOH. Click here for more of this article



09 March 2008

AUSXIP Interviews



  • Lucy's site has been updated with the news that she may be on the David Letterman show for the Ten Reasons to Watch Battlestar Galactica (if she can take time off from filming Bedtime Stories) together with the cast of Battlestar Galactica next week.


08 March 2008


Added four scans from the Coffee Talk Interview of Lucy and Renee
Posted in Renee Photoshoots and Lucy Photoshoots galleries

Interview screencaptures are located here


Battlestar Galactica

  • Buddy TV - Catch Up on 'Battlestar Galactica' in Eight Minutes
    Before the beginning of Lost season 4, a video popped up online entitled " Lost in 8:15." It was a recap of the first three seasons of the series jam packed into eight minutes, with a few amusing asides added in as well. Now that Battlestar Galactica is preparing to return for its fourth season on Friday, April 4 at 10pm, a similar video has appeared entitled "What the Frak?" In just eight minutes it completely prepares you to watch the new season of the Sci Fi Channel series, and it even has a few laughs thrown in as well. Before watching the video, be sure to prepare your brain for all of the Cylon double crossing and complicated romantic entanglements.

Burn Notice DVD

  • TVShowsOnDVD has released information about the upcoming Burn Notice Season 1 DVD, the cover and the details of the episodes and extras. The extras include Scene-specific commentary on all episodes with actors Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless along with series creator Matt Nix
    Click here to read press release and the information
    News contributed by LB


Boogeyman 2 Interview

Movie Screencaptures

  • Added screencaptures from the 1991 movie Changes  - Renee plays Jessica Adams, Melanie Adams' daughter: Beautiful and successful television news anchor Melanie Adams falls in love with renowned heart transplant surgeon Peter Hallam. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry. Each has children from previous marriages. The strain of a new marriage and attempts to blend a family jeopardize their happiness. Screencaptures by Christa


The following is from Katherine's official site

  • i will be appearing LIVE on FilmNut at, Wednesday March 12th at 8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern. the interactive Q&A interview talk show - whose recent guests include Renee O'Connor of Xena,  Christine Rose of Heroes, Michelle Rodriguez of LOST and Neg/Com member/writer Mark Gunn - streams live on your computer. give it a watch as i answer your questions (that YOU send in live or in advance on the website) about the exciting new start of Season 2 of ARMY WIVES, my experiences with the WGA strike and BandAid, my film VALENTINE'S DAY with director Garry Marshall and overall what it takes to be a chick writer (without any stripper cred!) in the film business.  go to the official show thread and post a question and maybe they'll ask it during the show! looking forward to seeing some familiar names and faces!

Army Wives Season 1 Repeat

  • It appears lifetime will be repeating the first season starting sunday with the premiere of Season 2 in June.
  • Lifetime is also having a army wives sweepstakes. You can enter once a day. you need to register if your not already but it is free, easy and painless.
    News contributed by Bonni


The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page

Rob to Appear at Fangoria Convention 26 April 2008

  • Rob Tapert, acclaimed producer and filmmaker behind the Evil Dead trilogy,
    Hercules, Xena, The Grudge, 30 Days of Night and co-founder of Ghost House
    Pictures, will make a rare on-stage appearance at the Los Angeles Fango
    event with a preview of the upcoming Ghost House slate of horror pics. He
    is scheduled for Saturday April 26th.


06 March 2008


Renee to Guest Star on Criminal Minds

  • Renee has updated her site with the news that she will be appearing in an episode of Criminal Minds. This is one hell of a great show (a bit dark and gruesome but a superb show) It's about a group of FBI profilers from FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. It's one of the best shows on tv at the moment. Click here to read Renee's message

New Renee Subsites



Lucy Movie News - Bedtime Stories

  • Lucy's message has been updated with the name of Lucy's character on Adam Sandler's new movie Bedtime Stories. Her character is Aspen, the young Cruella DeVille. Click here to read Lucy's message

New Lucy Subsite


05 March 2008

Lucy Concert Blog - The Roxy 2008: A De-Briefing
  • Cat Crimins has updated her MySpace blog with a look at how her show came together for the two concerts! Check it out here

Adrienne Wilkinson News

  • A HUGE congratulations to Adrienne on winning Best Actress at the Beverly Hills film festival for her role as Carol Anderson in the film Reflections. You can catch the Reflections trailer by clicking here to go to YouTube

Simone Site Update

There has been a changing of the guard (somewhat) for the Simone site. Christa and KT will now be looking after this AUSXIP baby. If you would like to contribute to AUSXIP Simone Lahbib News and Multimedia Fan Site you can send an email to KT at
or Christa at


Multimedia Screencaptures created by Christa

Wire In the Blood

  • Added Wire in the Blood: Season 4 - Episode 4screencaptures

Bad Girls

  • Added Bad Girls: Season 3 - Episode 2 screencaptures
  • Added Bad Girls: Season 2 - Episode 13 screencaptures

Young Persons Guide To Becoming A Rock Star

  • Added Young Persons Guide To Becoming A Rock Star Episodes 1-3 screencaptures

Thief Takers

  • Added Thief Takers Season 3 screencaptures

The Girl In the Picture

  • Added The Girl in the Picture screencaptures


  • I have updated the AUSXIP FAQ


04 March 2008


New Lucy Movie - Bedtime Stories

Lucy has announced she will be starring in a new Adam Sandler movie called Bedtime Stories. Her love interest in this movie is one of the best Australian actors EVER. His name is Guy Pearce. He is SUPERB. The movie is a family comedy about a guy (Sandler) whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his nephews start to magically come true. Lucy's role is a "young Cruella DeVille" according to Lucy.

More Info about the movie can be found here:

Read more of Lucy's message about the movie, her rallying call for us to support Marissa in Dancing with the Stars (I wonder if Sydney can vote with the US East Coast again like we did with Duets...hmm interesting).

Burn Notice DVD News

TVShowsONDVD has released the following informating about the upcoming Burn Notice Season 1 DVD:

12-episode season set, starring Jeffery Donovan (Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2), Gabrielle Anwar (The Tudors), Bruce Campbell (The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Jack of all Trades) and Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey, Queer as Folk) is that it will street on June 3rd. Cost will be $49.98 SRP in the USA, and CA$69.98 SRP in Canada.
News contributed by LB



03 March 2008

Lucy Images - Xena

Season 2

Season 3


Lucy VCR Alert - Isreal

The Israeli History Channel celebrates International Women's Day by running a Warrior Women marathon. All the episodes one after the other will be on both on 7th and 8th of March 2008 - all the 5 episodes, twice.
News contributed by Adi

Talking Xena Message Board News

  • Help us kick off April Comedy Month on TX.........
    Announcing The Talking Xena 2008 - April Fool's Day/Comedy Banner Contest! - Graphic artists of the Xenaverse wanted! Design a Comedy Banner for Talking Xena and you could win a cool prize and have your work of art proudly displayed on top of the message board. Check out all the details on Talking Xena
    News contributed by Gabsfan

The Bard's Corner


  • My Lord An Act of Love: Fidelity’s Poem by Mayt
    Following the events of ATHENS, Gabrielle infuses Corinth with a renewed sense of joy, one that in her soul she has yet to completely embrace.  In turn, La Mao presents Xena with an mysterious challenge.  Though intrigued, Xena's attentions never veer far from her Queen. 


02 March 2008


Renee has updated her site with news about the upcoming Film Festival in Memphis where Diamonds and Guns will be screened. There will also be a Q&A - Renee will be at that panel.

Saturday, March 29, 10 am
A look at Memphians who are making their way in the film industry. How did they do it? What makes it work? What projects are they working on now? What advice do they have to offer the the myriad of local filmmakers, actors and technical professionals on “making the big break”?

Click here to read Renee's message

2008 Burbank Convention

Reports by KTL


01 March 2008

Talking Xena Message Board News

The following is from Gabsfan:

In celebration of Kevin Smith's birthday on March 16th and in tribute to the character he brought to life, the Talking Xena Message Board proudly presents........."Ares: The Good, The Bad, The Sexy & The Devious"
The TX Video Challenge #3 (Best Ares Video)
Create an Ares Music Video and you could receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award in the Third Official Talking Xena Video Award Challenge! Check out all the details at Talking Xena's new home on Yuku:

The Greator Good - Alison Rides

Alison Robb is undertaking a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS:

Here's the info:

Some of you may know me having seen me at various Xena conventions or other events I am on a lot of e-mail lists too, but mostly I lurk and don't have much to say. So I am trying something different and out of my comfort zone.

I have signed up for an adventure of a lifetime. From June 1-7, 2008, I'm bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle 7. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Last year I did this ride for the first time, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Much like the Xenaverse I have made friends for a lifetime. Many of the new friends are living with HIV and AIDS and are members of the Positve Pedalers. I ride for and with them and for people I have lost along the way.

In the last couple of weeks I have taken this ride a step further, I began training to be a 'TRL' or Training Ride Leader. This means when I pass all my training I can start to lead my own training rides and prepare riders for the actual ride.

If this ride sounds familiar the predecessor of this ride was written about in SX Meagher's I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Please help me end AIDS by sponsoring me. Please go here -
If you don't won't to donate online there is a page you can download print and fill out and send in by snail mail. Since this is tax time, your donation is tax deductible for next year.
At this page you will see a picture of me at the halfway to LA rock at the top of the Evil Twins. If you want to know what some of the ride is like there are a couple of videos on You Tube. Both of these videos were shown at the closing ceremonies. Here's the info:
YouTube Video #1 and this is a video that starts on opening day - YouTube Video #2
Thanks for your support,
Alison Robb Rider #6000

Rob Tapert News

The following is from TVShowsOnDVD - Rob's old superhero show M.A.N.T.I.S. is being released on DVD:

  •  From the creators of The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness comes the crime-fighting saga that beats them all! Using a newly-invented metal exoskeleton which provides superhuman abilities, wheelchair-bound Dr. Miles Hawkins (Alias' Carl Lumbly) embarks on a quest to rid his city of the ever-growing plague of crime terrorizing its citizens. Also starring Bobby Hosea (Independence Day) and Gina Torres (Angel, Firefly, Serenity), this action-packed series broke new ground with television's first African-American superhero and became an instant cult favorite, now available complete for the first time on DVD! Read more



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