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Stories by Ellixerff
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Classic (Alt)

Pain Begets Life
Set after the events of Antony and Cleopatra

The Pieces Left: Pieces Series 1
A what if story. What would have happened if that one night with Perdicus resulted in a child? Starts off after "Ten Little Warlords." Obviously a lot of things don't happen after that.

It Changes Everything
Set at some point after The Quest. A first time story.

Heaven, Hell, Something In Between
After coming back to life, a coming back together.

Returning Queen - Part 1
Gabrielle has no choice but to stay and be Queen after yet another Amazon battle, but not everyone wants her there.


Xena and Gabrielle: A Journey Into The Conquerors Realm Vol 1
A what if story. How would things be different had Xena already achieved fame as the conqueror when she saved Gabrielle from those slavers. A Conqueror story.

Post FIN Fic The Resurrection and The Life: Vol I Resurrection
It's happened many times before, but this time is different. Can the consequences of bringing the one you love back, cost you everything? A post fin story.


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