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        25 October 2017

Featured Bard: Iseqween - Classic Fiction Update

Iseqween is a very prolific bard! Here's five classic Xena fics! For those just catching up - I'm got a new feature on AUSXIP Xena: The Bard's Corner. I'm going to be featuring one bard's work for the entire week. The first week is showcasing Iseqween's fanfic!

The Ghost Of A Smile

Begins shortly after the events portrayed in the series finale A FRIEND IN NEED and explores Gabrielle’s coming to terms with Xena’s promise never to leave her soulmate. Continues in “A Fly in the Ointment” and “Suns of The Passed.”

Under Other Circumstances
Initially trying to relax and solve a mystery, our girls end up discovering more than they wanted to know about the meaning of justice, sacrifice and friendship.

Until We Meet Again
A brief encounter between two young people that may have helped shaped the destinies of a warrior and bard whose partnership changed the world.

When Xena Was More Than Herself
Gabrielle encounters mixed results and a mysterious enemy when she seeks help from the Amazons in handling a Warrior Princess who seems to be living her past and future in unexpected ways

When Xena Was Not Quite Herself
Gabrielle’s wry “inside view” of what it was really like traveling with a pregnant Warrior Princess.



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