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        27 October 2017

The Steven L. Sears Radio Show

ImageSteven has his own radio show! Mega cool news. What's the show about?
The following is from Steve's official site

Who? Well, some of you know me. For those who don't, I'm a TV/Film writer and producer, author, graphic novelist, and sometimes actor (rarely) with a career that spans over thirty years. I've worked on many TV series from THE A-TEAM to XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and I'm the author of the NON-USER-FRIENDLY GUIDE FOR ASPIRING TV WRITERS. For a quick primer, here is my IMDB page and an oh-so-immodest video resume' here.

One of my new endeavors is a continuing radio series on Brigade Radio One.

I'll be chatting with people inside and outside the industry, there will be remote episodes at events I'm appearing at, lots of appearances with cronies of mine, and several episodes dealing specifically with how to work and survive in the Film and Television industry.

BRIGADE RADIO ONE is a new network with a large and impressive number of radio shows produced by people who come from all areas of entertainment and interest. From Adrian Paul, Sheila E, Michael Lange, Betty Thomas, Courtney Gaines, Coolio, Don Most and many many others!



Where Steven stumbles his way through his first episode, getting used to the equipment and opining on his past. SPECIAL GUEST - Jessica Brawner, author of "Charisma +1, the Guide to Convention Etiquette"

Where Steven introduces Babs Greyhosky, an extraordinary person. Aside from writing on such shows as MAGNUM PI, GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, THE A-TEAM and so many others, she was the Executive Producer of RIPTIDE, the first series I ever worked on and my big break. Babs was also responsible for me working on XENA. We discuss the past, the shows we've worked on together, our strong continuing friendship, and her recent endeavors as a psychologist working with Veterans.

Where Steven does a couple of remote episodes from Comic Cons.
Joining me at Comic Con Palm Springs the weekend of August 24-27, 2017, is Jon Schnepp, an independent filmmaker, director of METALOCALYPSE, producer/director/writer of the documentary THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES: WHAT HAPPENED? At Long Beach Comic Con the weekend of September 2-3, 2017, I was joined by Neo Edmund, author/screenwriter/comic book writer and the host of his own show on Brigade Radio One, Neo's Con Quest.



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