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        3 November 2017

Featured Bard of the Week: LJ Maas and her Conqueror Series

ImageAlrighty the Conqueror fic that came after Armegeddon 2 on Herc / Xena crossover created a whole new genre of Xena Fan Fic. What is Conqueror fic?

Conqueror Fic are Tales of the evil warlord Xena who conqueors the world. What would have happened had not Hercules changed Xena. First seen in the Hercules episode "Armageddon Now Part 2". Gabrielle is a rebel.

I awarded this a XIPPY back on 21 July 2000

My mini review: I am quite excited by the new story by LJ Maas - it's a Conqueror piece. I'm not big on the Ruler of the Known World but with this one LJ has really kept me glued to my screen waiting for the next installment! LJ doesn't usually post in parts but she is doing it with this story. Folks this is unbelievably good. Xena is the Lord, Conqueror of Greece, but she is almost forty-five years old when she meets the slave, Gabrielle. The little slave girl turns the hardened warrior's life upside down. EXCELLENT story telling - LJ never disappoints in her storytelling.

Enjoy LJ Maas' The Conqueror Series
This Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories. It is rather the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled Greece and the surrounding lands for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle. The Lord Conqueror's new slave, a submissive and frightened young woman, holds the power to change Xena, if only she can muster the spirit.

The Conqueror Series

  • Journey's End
  • The Petal of the Rose
  • Time's Fell Hand



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