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        1 November 2017

Featured Bard of the Week: LJ Maas

ImageThe featured bard of the week on AUSXIP's The Bard's Corner is LJ Maas. one of my favourite people on the planet and gone from us far too soon. Her work is OUTSTANDING and we remember LJ and her work this week. One of my favourite memories of LJ is from 2001 at Dragoncon.

I was rooming with her and I had just met Steven L. Sears and it was around midnight when I finally floated back to my hotel room. Poor LJ was asleep. Not for long :) I tried to keep quiet but I kept giggling. LJ rolled over, looked at me and sighed. She told me to spill it because she needed to go back to sleep and I would still be buzzing if I didn't. LOL! LJ was also the first to create Eva and Zoe art and also taught me how to write a love scene - the love scene in Hidden Truths has it's genesis in the work LJ taught me. For those that have read that scene...well you know what I mean and if you haven't..well it's a testament to LJ's teaching. She was my friend and a beloved mentor. I miss her. Enjoy her work. It's glorious.

We start off with LJ's The Queen Series - Xena & Gabrielle Classic Series

- To Become a Queen
- Quest for a Queen
- The Queen of My Heart
- To Walk The Path of a Queen
- The Perfect Gift



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