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        27 November 2017

Featured Bard of the Week: M. Parnell

This week's featured bard of the week is M. Parnell.

Origins by M. Parnell

Oh what an absolutely fantastic piece of fanfic this is - it's breathtaking in it's story telling. M. Parnell has woven quite a tale. This is a story about Xena finding her father and finding more than she bargained for, taking command and being the best leader she can be - but there are forces against her, including the psychotic Callisto. This is a must read. I can't praise it enough.

A Woman Called Alika by M. Parnell

In a strange turn of events, Xena loses her memory and ends up with a family who are determined to make her a wife for their son, whilst Gabrielle is trying to find her. The story is very dark and reveals a strange way of living by the people who live in The Vale. M. Parnell has created another great story with this tale...Â

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