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        30 November 2017

Virtual Xenite Retreat Event: Thursday and Saturday! Topic - Xena Fan Fiction!

ImageNEXT LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT: THIS THURSDAY *AND* SATURDAY! (Yep, it's a two parter!! Lucky youuuu!!)

Most people when they talk about fanfiction, only talk about the obvious… their favorite authors, their favorite storylines, pairings, themes...they barely scratch the surface of possibilities for REAL conversations about fanfic.
Good thing is…the Xenite Retreat isn’t leaving ANY stone unturned for our latest event! We are exploring the phenomenon of Xena Fanfiction: why fanfic is so important to the Xenaverse, how it became so wildly popular, the best stuff out there, what the writers of Xena were doing when the fans started picking up their quills… we’re covering it ALL!

I have packaged all this goodness into a two-part live event starting THIS THURSDAY that you can access for free..yes that’s right!
Want to join us for “Fantastic Fic and Where to Find it”?
Go here == >

It costs you nil dollars…nada…zilch…zero dineros…you got nothing to lose!

Enjoy an evening exploring the world of Xena fanfic with some of the fandom’s most loved personalities: Writer and executive producer Steven L. Sears, AUSXIP’s Mary D, and fan fiction expert (some even call her the Queen!) Jay Tuma! They’re all one simple click away from rocking your fanfic world!
But to make that happen, you need to take the first step and sign up to Fantastic Fic and Where to Find it!
P.S: Trust me when I say that missing out on this free and fun event would really suck and you being the smart person that you are, DO NOT want that to happen.

Go now!! == >



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