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        19 April 2018

AUSXIP XIPPY Bard of the Week: XWPFanatic, Tonya Muir and T. Novan

This week's XIPPY Bard & Fanfic of the Week is split between three awesome bards: XWPFanatic, Tonya Muir and T. Novan - three heavyweights in the Xenaverse bards. Exposure is INCREDIBLE.

Exposure by XWPFanatic, T Muir & T. Novan
Uber Alt

This is a continuing series based on a look behind the scenes of news team. Two people come together - it's hate at first sight. Kelsey is a successful anchor woman ready for big things in the new biz and Harper is a hot shot, harley driving, reporter with alot of flair! Mix them together and you have one of the best teams since Xena and Gabrielle <g> I enjoyed this series from the first episode.



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