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        25 January 2019

Creation Entertainment Announces Xena's 25th Anniversary Convention August 28-30, 2020!!

2020 is going to be EPIC! Creation Entertainment has announced A Salute to Xena's 25th Anniversary on August 28-30, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles Airport!

The Xena Horde are going to stream in from around the world!

For those going to the convention, AUSXIP will also have the new book celebrating Xena's 25 Years called "Xena: Their Courage Changed Our Lives" available to pick up a few days before the official release on September 4, 2020!

If you would like to submit your story on how Xena changed your life, go to plus you can enter the art competition, video, and other goodies!

Here's the announcement!




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