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        26 April 2019

Xena Streaming on Lightbox in New Zealand

Xena: Warrior Princess - Lightbox for New Zealand Xenites!



Like a modern-day treasure hunter we had to dig deep into the Lightbox catalogue to unearth this worldly treasure. But by Jove was it worth it. Because cast your eyes on what we found, Xena: Warrior Princess! New Zealand's late-90s gift to television screens worldwide. Amazing. While the full series run isn't yet available - uh, why exactly, Lightbox? - there's still plenty of Lucy Lawless' original ass-kicking heroine to churn though. We're talking the entirety of the first three seasons. Which means you could binge for almost three day straight before running out of Xena. Naturally, we don't advise doing so but we certainly won't blame you for trying. Streaming now.

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