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        18 May 2019

It's OFFICIALLY Finally Happened - Xena and Gabrielle Share A Kiss in Xena Comic #2

Here's a newsflash - Xena and Gabrielle are lovers. Yeah well, to any subtext (do we still call it that?) that's really not news BUT it seems it is news to those that didn't see them that way.

Not any more. Check out the new Dyanmite Xena Comic #2. Yep they are still alive, yep they are in their own bodies and yep they are kissing FOR REAL.

Well it took them 24 years to get here but better late than never!


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ImagePrice: $3.99
Shipping: In-Stock!
SKU: C72513027969902011
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: David Mack
UPC: 725130279699 02011
Cover B: Emanuela Lupacchino
UPC: 725130279699 02021
Cover C: Paulina Ganucheau
UPC: 725130279699 02031
Writer: Vita Ayala
Art: Olympia Sweetman
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publication Date: May 2019
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: 5/8/2019
"The Grand Old Army"
The epic journeys persist, courtesy of VITA AYALA (Shuri, Livewire, The Wilds) and OLYMPIA SWEETMAN!

Xena and Gabrielle find themselves amidst a deadly quarrel between The God Of Strife and The God Of Discord! The only way to save a village of innocents is for Xena to agree to lead an army against an incoming Roman legion. But Xena's "army" is comprised of...the village elders!?

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