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        22 June 2019

Xena Writer Peter Allan Fields Has Passed Away + Message from Steven Sears About Peter - 19 June 2019

It was announced today that Peter Allan Fields has passed away. Peter wrote two episodes for Xena - "The Reckoning" and "Death Mask".

Steven Sears has posted his memories of working with Peter on Xena on Facebook

Steven L. Sears: Peter was wonderful to work with. He was so dedicated to getting Xena right and an absolute professional. He called use once to apologize that his script wasn't going to be done when he said it was. We said it wasn't a problem. He promised to turn it in a day later. The reason? He was in the hospital. But still concerned that he wouldn't meet his deadline.
RIP Peter. Of the many stories I tell about working in the business, you're one of the good ones.

I knew of Peter's work before he wrote those two Xena episodes. Peter wrote for 13 episodes for Star Trek - TNG and DS9. He was a master storyteller and one of my favourite writers.


  • Half a Life
  • Cost of Living
  • The Inner Light


  • Dax
  • Progress
  • Duet -

    Duet is one one of my all time favourite TV episodes "Duet". It was an amazing story. The Circle

  • Necessary Evil
  • Blood Oath
  • Crossover
  • For the Uniform
  • In the Pale Moonlight
  • The Dogs of War

A great talent. Rest in Peace, Peter.



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