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        15 September 2019

New Xena Fan Fiction Audio: Queen of Air and Darkness (Classic) by Bongo Bear

I'm pleased to announce that Bongo Bear has recorded an audio version of "Queen of Air and Darkness" - Classic Fic.

Queen of Air and Darkness
(July 13, 1997)

by Bongo Bear

Listen to the Audio Version or Download mp3

The dream came unbidden yet again into Xena's unconscious mind. She saw, she felt, a darkness pour out from the Abyss and enfold her body and her mind. The darkness had substance, a cool, silky clinging weight. The darkness settled around her shoulders, torso, and thighs. Where it touched her flesh, it first tingled like ice, then burned like fire. The darkness had a voice, too. It murmured in Xena's head in cloying, dulcet tones, "I heard you call me. I'm here. Just for you."

Gabrielle awoke to the moans issuing from Xena's lips. She rolled over to look into her lover's face and saw lines of pain, relaxation, then ecstasy play across her face. What could you be dreaming about? Gabrielle wondered. Xena began to struggle within her dream. Gabrielle held her in her arms, trying to quell whatever demon Xena was wrestling with. Xena' eyes opened suddenly, with a confused look about her. "It's okay. You're safe," Gabrielle whispered gently in Xena's ear.

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