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        12 October 2019

Audio Version: Well of Sighs by Ella Quince - Audio by Bongo Bear

Bongo Bear has created an audio version of the Ella Quince classic "Well of Sighs"
You can download Part 1 & 2 (two files of the complete story)

Click here to listen online or download to Well of Sighs Part 1 and 2

Here's Lunacy's Review

**WELL OF SIGHS by Ella Quince
This story is absolutely FANTASTIC!! One of the best alt. tales I've read to date. Exceedingly well-written with a very well-crafted plot and a structure incorporating contrasting view-points that really adds to the narrative.

The story has Xena and Gabrielle finding an abandoned well just as the bard is trying to remember an old tale about the Well of Sighs. Recalling a crucial part of that story she calls out a desperate warning but it is to late as she sees the warrior's lips already wet from the water just taken. A moment later Gabrielle finds herself alone not with her best friend of two years but with a very dangerous warlord - the Warrior Princess reborn who cannot remember her, cannot remember the good she's done, and wants only to rebuild her lost army.

Determined to somehow retrieve Xena's memory, the bard steadfastly remains with the warlord, ignoring the abuse, ignoring the cruelty that is Xena fully immersed in darkness but one thing Gabrielle cannot ignore - the calling in her heart to what this new, sensual warrior offers. It is a vulnerability the Warrior Princess knows she can exploit - a truth which will make the bard waver in her quest to return things to what they were, wondering if she could ever once again bury the feelings awakened in her heart. An exceptional piece of storytelling, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMEDATION! - 30 pgs., 7/4/97



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