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        6 December 2019

Aussies Please Read: Xena 25th Anniversary Con Flight Information


Heads Up. This will affect those AUSSIE SUPER PLANNERS (like me) who have arleady booked their flight for the 25th Anniversary Xena Con in August 2020.

If you are flying with Virgin Australia, check your booking. During August - September 2020, Virgin is scheduling maintenance and removing some flights from the Sydney to LA, Melbourne to LA and Brisbane to LA routes.

I accidently found out about it when I was reading an article about Virgin Australia. I checked my booking and it was indeed true. Virgin won't tell you why they did this, they will just send you the amended booking!

Virgin Australia plans to temporarily reduce Los Angeles frequency as follows, due to aircraft maintenance.

Brisbane-Los Angeles: From six to five times weekly, effective 04-Aug-2020 to 01-Sep-2020;

Melbourne-Los Angeles: From five to four times weekly, effective 01-Aug-2020 to 12-Sep-2020;

Sydney-Los Angeles: From seven to five times weekly, effective 30-Jul-2020 to 13-Sep-2020.

You can reschedule without incurring costs since they have changed the times/route/date.

For more info on the Xena 25th Anniversary Convention, go to the AUSXIP Con Page



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