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        31 March 2020

Video: Imagine All The People - A Song of Hope by James Gottfried

The following is from James Gottfried. The video is AMAZING. Please watch and share it.

I am happy to share with you the debut of the "IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE" music video! #imagineallthepeople

We are living in a very different world right now and we need human connection more than ever. So this project gathered 80 people together virtually to offer their voices of hope to those who feel isolated, sad, disconnected, alone, even those who are strong but could use the boost. This video contains a mashup of 4 songs that inspire togetherness, love, strength and camaraderie. As you watch this, sing with us, smile with us and know you are not alone. Share this so the whole world will know that there will be a tomorrow, that there is hope.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this project! I hope this inspires other to engage in their own creative outlet!




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