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        23 May 2020

SyFy Pride Video Interviews - Would You Like To Contribute Your Story?

ImageHeads Up: Passing this along from Katie Wilson from Syfy - Please see below for details Re: SyFy Pride Video Interviews

If you're interested in participating and fit one of these scenarios, please reply back with a short summary of which topic(s) you'd be comfortable sharing your story about as WELL as your social media handles.

Xena & Finding Your Sexuality
- Did Xena Warrior Princess help you discover and/or become confident in your sexuality? Do you have a coming out story that Xena was an influential part of?

Epic Xena Love Stories!
- Did your love of Xena help you meet your partner? Did you meet or get married at a Xena convention? We want to hear your stories!

Xena's impact on the LGBT Community
- Are you able to speak on the impact Xena had in the LGBT community back when it was airing as well as today? Why is it important that the LGBT community has Xena, etc.

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