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        13 July 2020

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Pre-Orders, Pricing and Look Inside!

xenacoverMy goodness it’s been a busy week! First up, we have a look inside of who made this book possible, we have the pricing and pre-orders starting! There will be a FAQ posted shortly about the book and in particular shipping.

It truly did take an Amazon Village to bring this book to life. You can now preview the credit list, full author list (in chapter order) and the Xenite List of submitted stories!

Credits - the people who brought this book together

The Author List (in chapter order)

The Xenite List - in Year and Submission Order


PRICING (Prices in USD)

Ebook: $9.99 (ePub, mobi)

Print Editions:

Paperback (color) $35.00
Hardback (Deluxe Edition) $50.00


The good news is that pre-orders are finally happening!


ebook pre-orders for iBooks, Nook, Kobo and other platforms will be available soon.


Print pre-orders for the paperback and the hardback (Deluxe Edition) will start on July 22, 2020. Watch this space!




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