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        1 September 2020

Message From Adrienne: Celebrating The Greater Good

ImageMessage from Adrienne

Hi loves! This week is the 25th anniversary of XWP and my birthday!!! WOOHOOOOO so let's do some good! I've decided to use this week (From today August 29th - Sunday September 6th) of celebration to support families dealing with food insecurity by sponsoring a family (or several families depending on how much we raise) by providing groceries and staple items for the home.

I've made myself available on Cameo and RaveVIP this week to send video messages / 25th anniversary shout-outs and general love to anyone who books. R


If you want to skip the video and donate directly, that is welcome in any amount! Just visit this link and click the DONATE button at the top of the page:

Love you all so much, and thrilled we can have a great time for a great cause! -Adrienne



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